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fiveofpeep has 2 years experience and specializes in critical care, PACU.

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  1. fiveofpeep

    Preceptor said..."You could have lost your license!"

    A better preceptor would have explained that stroke response time is kept track of and published and also factors in to the hospital's ability to be stroke certified and be a stroke receiving center. For example, a patient needs to be called a code stroke within a certain amount of time, get a CT in x amt of time, and start TPA within a specified time from the ER door to injection. Given that you have only been there four weeks, I would be peeved that you didnt come get me straight away or get someone to double check because even if you're NIH certified, I wouldn't necessarily trust it. I worked in a neuro ICU and now I work in a mixed medical surgical ICU and you'd be surprised how completely different one person's NIH score compared to the other (for the same patient). It's not something you lose a license over but it's something to learn a lesson over. Make sure you are familiar with the policies of your facility, like how soon should a patient who could potentially be a code stroke be seen by the ER MD. They also follow MI to cath lab response time closely as well so you may want to check that out. There are also some key sepsis core measures that need to be followed too (like BCx in ER, ABX started in ER after cultures sent.) Good luck to you.
  2. fiveofpeep

    Curious Observations Regarding Job Postings

    A nurse with >30 years of experience got turned down from a local hospital because she has "too little experience." Sounded fishy to me.
  3. fiveofpeep

    bradycardia with nitro drip?

    Was the patient sleeping? What was the rhythm?
  4. fiveofpeep

    Main IVF solution compatibility (specifically LR)

    Yeah we have a chart but LR is not on it. It's just not realistic for me to look up each drug each time. Our internet is too slow and my patience is too short I guess as a last resort, I'll make my own chart with our common drips and drugs, but something like what I'm looking for must exist somewhere out there on the internet.
  5. Hey Everyone, I have been doing some extensive internet searching but can't seem to find a reputable source that details IV solution compatibility with IVPBs and drips. Specifically, I want to know about LR's compatibility with other drugs. I work in ICU and the docs love it for our septic patients and we often run it for the main IVF as well as for bolusing. Just to err on the side of caution, I always run the LR alone through it's own dedicated lumen, but there are times when I need to be able to combine stuff in there if possible. I've always heard LR is incompatible with many things and unfortunately on micromedix LR doesnt show up as an option when you run the IV Compatibility tool. Any ideas? Thanks!
  6. fiveofpeep

    Thoughts about Neurosurgical/ MS-ICU

    If you aren't ready then don't go. A good supervisor wouldn't push you into something like that if you don't feel ready. You sound genuinely scared about it and if it made you hate nursing before, going into it now when you are already so apprehensive will probably make you feel just the same.
  7. Thanks everyone. Now that I have thought about it and distanced myself emotionally I totally agree with the need to hang back.
  8. Friend
  9. fiveofpeep

    Running medications distal to pump

    we give mag IVP during codes and emergencies. I don't understand though, was the Mag not programmed into the pump at all?
  10. fiveofpeep

    gossip at work

    My new unit is like this too. I feel like every time I turn around, they're gossiping. It drives me crazy. It makes me feel really isolated and paranoid. I just keep to myself and don't socialize with anyone if I can help it, but it sure makes the hours drag by.
  11. Yeah that's what I figured. Maybe he refused follow up care. It sounds like he wanted to get out of the SNF at all costs--not that I blame him--so maybe he had to sign out AMA? I dont know.
  12. Oh and according to the friend, he can't even transfer out of the chair without assistance. When the friend left him, he was sitting in the couch and refused help to get back to his chair. That's more why I am concerned, because according to the friend he isn't able to transfer to and from the WC without assistance.
  13. Thanks everyone. Yeah I dont know if I made it clear. Although I am worried for him, I have no idea what his level of functioning is and I definitely don't think it would be appropriate for myself to intervene unless in an emergency. Independence is very important for patients. I just want to know if I can refer him to someone who deals with this regularly and can follow up with him to make sure he is well taken care of. It really isn't my place. I like the idea about meals on wheels. I was wondering more though is there like an agency for the county that follows cases like this? I really don't want to involve myself much more than to just build a neighborly rapport and refer him to other services or get them in contact with him. Thanks :)
  14. I am so upset. A neighbor moved in and one of his friends was telling me that he is wheelchair bound and just got out of a SNF and has no family resources in the community or health care professionals following up. I went over and introduced myself to him and he was very withdrawn. Apparently, he won't let his friend help him. I don't even know how he will get out of the couch to his WC, but I don't know how much function he really has as the friend of his is a lay person. He has no one from the county or home health coming to follow up on him. How did this guy slip through the cracks? How can I help him? I plan on establishing a rapport with him and I already told him to come and ask for help anytime. I plan to check on him every couple days to make sure he is alive and has everything he needs but I am so worried he is going to suffer a complication because of lack of help. I understand that I don't know his level of function. All I know is what the friend told me. I also understand I don't even know if he wants help. How can I help him? Shouldn't he qualify for some sort of follow up care? Can I contact the public health department? What can I do? As an acute care nurse, I've never seen what happens when discharge planning fails. It is shocking to me and breaks my heart.
  15. fiveofpeep

    assaulted by my patient--one year later

    This is so true but it's also disheartening. In my state it's supposedly punishable by fining to not have lift help, but they can obviously get around it somehow. There needs to be enforceable laws.
  16. fiveofpeep

    assaulted by my patient--one year later

    So you're the one I see leaving notes in the chart that say "Dr. So and So please change your charting to reflect blah blah blah?" I always wondered who that was. This sounds very interesting and a great way to use my knowledge and critical thinking. Do you need to go to school for it?

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