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  1. Newer nurse

    Good advice :)
  2. How to adjust to night shift?

    try melatonin when you get off work to help you sleep. I have that problem too sometimes. Like I'm not tired enough but then that night, boy am I tired.
  3. Do we need to take drugs.. in order to do our job?

    Quality post. A+++ Would read again. Really contributed to the discussion. In all seriousness, we aren't talking about crack heads or druggies. We are talking about people who have to take prescription medications to cope with work. I would hope that...
  4. Abusive Doctors

    Doctor tantrums don't bother me because they are just infantile tantrums. If a doctor goes on a tirade on the phone I speak over him to let him know I am hanging up and then do so. If they hang up on me, that's the best, because then you get to chart...
  5. SuperUser to Nursing Informatics

    I'm pretty sure I know which health system you are in and if so, I wanted to let you know that when my last facility, (also in your system) went live, a couple of the nurses who were superusers did get hired on in the informatics department and still...
  6. Alone as a New Grad in the ICU

    I think the ICU attracts harsh personalities at times, and the softies who weren't harsh to begin with, grow cold over time to cope. Try not to take things personally--which I know is easier said than done. Just go in and do a good job and don't loo...
  7. FINAL WRITTEN WARNING, first ever med error

    It's so typical that hospitals would take the word of the parents over the nurse when the parents have just enough self taught webMD medical experience to be a pain in the ass.
  8. What a wonderful and balanced post. I definitely struggle with this still to this day, but looking back on how I was when I first graduated, compared to now, two years later, it has definitely improved a hundred-fold. OP--it just goes to show that t...
  9. Oh yeah, it's never bullying unless it's the ignorant new nurses or students trying to steal the jobs of the ever-so-wise experienced nurses who are always justified in their episodes of hostility because it is so difficult for them to deal with thes...
  10. I either need day shift or to be single. Vent

    My neighbor upstairs vacuums the entire apartment every night between 8 and 10 PM. It doesnt bother me but I've always thought it was so odd.
  11. Night shifters, a few questions

    The night before my first night back to work, I'll stay up till MNish if I feel like it and then sleep in till 8-10 AM. I stay up all day and all night and then sleep all day. If I'm working consecutive nights, I sleep during the day for about 8 hrs...
  12. Computer problems at work...

    In my experience, when the computers go down, all the patients get real nursing care and spa treatment because the nurses have so little to do without all that double-charting.
  13. IV solutions incompatibility (saline/0.9% NaCl)

    Levo is usually mixed in D5W but IDK if it's incompatible with NS
  14. IV solutions incompatibility (saline/0.9% NaCl)

    Levo is usually mixed in D5W but IDK if it's incompatible with NS
  15. IV solutions incompatibility (saline/0.9% NaCl)

    You are correct about flushing between. No, sterile water is sterile water. It's just H20. Saline is NaCl.