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Hey Everyone,

I have been doing some extensive internet searching but can't seem to find a reputable source that details IV solution compatibility with IVPBs and drips.

Specifically, I want to know about LR's compatibility with other drugs. I work in ICU and the docs love it for our septic patients and we often run it for the main IVF as well as for bolusing.

Just to err on the side of caution, I always run the LR alone through it's own dedicated lumen, but there are times when I need to be able to combine stuff in there if possible.

I've always heard LR is incompatible with many things and unfortunately on micromedix LR doesnt show up as an option when you run the IV Compatibility tool.

Any ideas?


I don't know of any either. But on Micromedex you would look up the drug/administration/intravenous, that would tell you stuff like reconstitutions and dilutions which would be your fluid compatibilities. I guess then you'd have to make a chart for yourself for your most prescribed stuff if you wanted not to have to look it up all the time. I remember that I've seen these ridiculous wall charts for this I believe ...I'd rather just make a list of drugs and then below each one check off which fluids it'll go with as I don't like having to trace a finger across and down a chart.

I was going to say look it up on Clinical Pharmacology, but I'm assuming that is similar to micromedx (correct me if I'm wrong). My rule of thumb is: if I've looked it up on Clinical Pharm or some other site and I'm still not sure about the compatibility, I call the Pharmacist.

Also, ^s/he hinted at it, but yeah, most units (where I work) have IV compatibility charts. See if your unit has one. If not, that'll be a great idea! :)

Specializes in critical care, PACU.

Yeah we have a chart but LR is not on it. It's just not realistic for me to look up each drug each time. Our internet is too slow and my patience is too short ;)

I guess as a last resort, I'll make my own chart with our common drips and drugs, but something like what I'm looking for must exist somewhere out there on the internet.

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