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  1. The department of labor posts statistics on unemployment each month. My state posts it on their opening web page in addition to the national unemployment rate. It is not a secret. I have on 2 occasions in these past 4 years applied for unemployment and recieved it both times. The most current being now, since aug 2012. It should have been 3 times but the first time around, I knew NOTHING about unemployment and being a "NURSE" I didn't think I was ever eligible for those benefits becase as we all know(tongue in cheek) "Nurses can always get a job". I had $20,000 saved so when I found myself with out a job, I and my 2 kids lived off of that for 8 months when I FINALLY got another position and a per deim one at that, no full time jobs avail even though I had recent TELEMETRY experience for the past 8 years but not a BSN!!! I now have no savings left.I found several temporary nursing position in "other" areas than bedside. All this time, never knowing what was happening to the economic, employment and nursing world. I was after the end of a temporary assignment that I decided to file for unemployment and after being so angry, I stated to read up on the job market expecially in nursing. Unemployment has, I think, changed it's name or repackaged itself to the "Workforce Developement" Under the workforce developement name , unemployment hold seminars the first is an intro to unemployment on how to collect bene's and what they will help you with and information on how to pick up added skills and what is available as they know it. The seminars they hold regularly each seminar is held 2 times per month and their is a schedule of the seminars and they are free."Interviewing skills, resume writing, job hunting skills, and what is called"Tuition waiver" for unemployment to pay for a job retraining program provided it is in a "in demand" field. This time around knowing how tough the job market is in nursing and hearing the Unemployment department head state nursing is an indemad field and there are plenty of jobs in nursing and was encouraging all these unemployed people to go into nursing, I had to interrupt and tell the truth I am a RN and I am unemployed! because there are no hospitals hiring( the only kind of nursing I knew at that point) and I don't have a BSN. Unemployment was handing out waveirs for people to have their tuition paid for nursing assitants and LPN school!! After reading some more and many months later in the nursing mags, the nursing gurus on nursing empoyment finally admitted that many jobs posted are either filled( mostly by internal candidates, and they already have some one in mind for those positions),and/or they are old postings never taken down(why??) and reading about every nursing lay off I come across, not to mention articles on CEO compensation in these affected hospitals and having been on many,many countless interviews having some of the ridiculous, moronic things asked of me for hiring managers(aka RN,BSN or RN,MSN) My personal favorite is"Why so many temporary jobs?" Are these hiring managers for real?? Do they live in a vaccum?? With my current experience with unemployment- i started to spill the beans on the nursing industry- to the investigator who talks to you to determine elilgiblty for benefits and the Unemployment department head giving these seminars. I told this dept head my circumstance- RN=32yrs hospital experience, all hospital based, no BSN, 4 years of temp postion because of it, can't afford to go back to school because unemployment pays very little. His response was on of shock and being honest was- "I had no idea" and "It sounds like your screwed" ! he directed me to a college and to wite a letter to the financial aid dept explaining my circumstance- I recieved need based grants and have been able to pursue that bloody BSN. Why should unemployment care about a CEO compensation?- 1 emplyee with a miltimillion dollar payday and a 8.0% unemployment rate!! an unemployment is sending more people at the unemployment department/Dept of labor's expense into an industry( healthcare) where there are very few jobs!! And the general public is screaming about the cost of healthcare, and many 45% of this nation is without healthcare benefits and these hospitals(CEO) are screaming about the cost od charity care???? and how the hospital is loosing money so they have to lay off more nurses who are to--------be unemployed!!! Unemployment compensation aka unemplyment bene's paid out to individuals who are unemployed - Unemployemnt is an "insurance" premium that the Employ-ER pays to the state each month for each employ-EE. The employER's premium went up in the last 2 years- in my state it is now $15,000 the employer pays for each employee it lays off or terminates. Termination eligibity for unemployment is not up to the EMPLOYER it is up to the unemployemnt department!! poor work performance is not up to the employer- it is up to the unemployment depart- that's why you get a call from an unemployemnt investigator and as the women told me- these employERs will say anything doesn't make it so.!! and is not their call. Unemployment investigators want to know why these employER are adding to the unemployment statistics!!
  2. kcmylorn

    The "Differently Abled" Nurse Speaks

    I think some have missed the point of Viva's post; but Me being the "crabby old" nurse that I am, and have seen too much of what she is posting about, and am not surprised. I have worked with many a nurse who were overweight, older than I, and lived in domestic violence situations. One nurse I vividly recall got a call one night from our Nursing supervisor and to go home. Hours later, the supervisor came up and explained to us that her boyfriend had shaken and killed their 3 month old daughter while she was at work and that is why she had to leave.I Never saw that nurse again. I vividly recall being an agency nurse sitting in the lobby with another agency nurse waiting for the supervisor to come down and give us our assignements. That nurse and her children were in a displaced situation from an abusive spouse. I have a obese daughter, I was shopping with her in a trendy teen clothing store that all the teen girls like to shop in, she was not in the size range of any of the clothing in the store. I was at another rack and saw the 2 sales girls laughing and making comments to each other about my daughter, My daughter heard them and I saw the tears rolling down her face- do you have any idea how heartbreaking that was. She said nothing to them but quietly walked out of the store. My daughter is a college graduate- a BA in foreign language, graduate with a 3.5 GPA, speaks 3 foreign languages, other than our own english language, (1 Asian and 2 European languanges) and is teaching in an Asian country. She is still obese. Believe me- her obesity is not by choice. This "stuff" Viva' is posting about is not funny nor are the " differently able" people going to go away and disappear into the woodwork so the more perfect in society don't have to look at them! Ridicule and the intimidation tatics of our current hiring trends and adverstising are not going to improve anything either. I just did a paper on obesity, did alot of readings from the WHO and the Institue of Medicine for a BSN completion class, It's funny but I missed those 2 tactics in their recommendations for solving this public health epidemic. Or perhaps it's the BSN program I am attending that has forgot to teach them. How many of those on this thread that critized Viva's post strut BSN after thier name?. It is disturbing that people who call themselves"NURSE" would behave in such a way and hold these prejudice attitudes. VIVA- Your post is very eloquently put. and appreciated. Long over due. Good job and Thank You!!
  3. Those job postings are put there for the benefit of keeping the department of labor off their backs. It doesn't look good for a CEO to be earning millions of dollars per year and there is no jobs when those nurses who do have jobs are running themselves to the bone and the patients are so sick. It puts up a good farse to the unemployment and the DOL, who, when nurses do go to apply for Unemployment because they can't find a job, unemployment looks at them like there nuts. "Look at all those nursing positions posted!" These facilities and hospitals are even nervy enoughto post these"jobs" on the workplace developement/aka Unemployment job board- they are a big fat lie. Half are for OR nurses and the other half are for ED, and L&D nurse and if you are none of those, you are screwed even if you have experience, even tons of experience, you are still screwed. They only want nurses would have 3-5 yrs experience- and you had better have a good reason why you are leaving your old/curreent employer- "your cat died in that hospital and it brings back bad memories" is the only one they will accept before they have the CIA investigate you and your cat,a 3-5 yr experienced nurse, they don't have to pay well and don't have to train. The old( over 25yrs-30 yrs experience) ones they don't want they have to pay for experience, and they are too experience to drink any more managment kool-aid. After all, we all have diabetes, hearing loss, cardo vascular disease or even malaria and eboli, alopecia and gray hair. Nursing job postings are already filled so the posting is BOGUS, now why else would a facility or hospital have a filled position still posted if it wasn't to deceive some one? Nursing just doesn't tell it like it is. There are many unemployed nurses out here. Nursing doesn't want that dirty little secret out there. It's bad for the image. Then there won't be those long lines and wait lists in academia, just dying to go into thousands of dollars in debt so when they graduate- they won't have a job either. "But what about all that student loan debt?"- too bad, tough luck kiddo, here's the bill!! They got their money from you. Then they have the BSN thing going on- that's so you can go out and get in more debt!! Did anyone in nursing ever sit you down and tell you how it really is before you spent all that money? Nursing is the new swamp land in Florida joke. Then there are those really moronic HR people who ask- "why so many temporary jobs"Has this idot been under a rock for the past 4 years
  4. kcmylorn

    Stephen Colbert recognizes nurses as Heroes

    Does any one know what these CEO's were doing while these babies and patient's on life support were being hand carried by nursing and firsrt responders down stair wells? Were the CEO"s hand carrying a patient on life support down any stair well? They do earn the big bucks!!! When it's all said and done- the CEO will come out and say it's time for more nursing lay offs to help pay for the storm damage to these hopsitals, never looking to their useless selves for a pay cut to make up the lost money. I have said it before and I say it agein- Of what use ios the CEO in these kinds of disasteous situations- nothing but in the way!!!
  5. kcmylorn

    Second NYC is being evacuated

    Does any one know what these CEO's were doing while these babies and patient's on life support were being hand carried by nursing and firsrt responders down stair wells? Were the CEO"s hand carrying a patient on life support down any stair well? They do earn the big bucks!!! When it's all said and done- the CEO will come out and say it's time for more nursing lay offs to help pay for the storm damage to these hopsitals, never looking to their useless selves for a pay cut to make up the lost money. I have said it before and I say it agein- Of what use ios the CEO in these kinds of disasteous situations- nothing but in the way!!!
  6. kcmylorn

    The Political Nurse Speaks

    I just wish one of those bags of wind in Congress would ask a room, big room, full of nurses what they think. And if they, don't anyone shush anyone up. Not so much as one evil eye.
  7. kcmylorn

    Wrote up a CNA, but I was the one who got the boot!

    And who did that for you-the nurse with all the responsibility for their actions or lack there of!! After all- you passed out meds for "Their" residents, you assessed"Their" residents, you called the doctor for "Their"residents. you sidned off the admission orders for "Their" residents
  8. kcmylorn

    Wrote up a CNA, but I was the one who got the boot!

    MotherRN- just out of curiosity, what were your grades like compared to hers? Is it possible she felt your being there was going to rock her boat and make her look bad? She probably had it out for you from the moment you walked in the door. I had this happen to me once- I was working perdeim on a stepdown unit in a hospital, this LPN was working Fulltime and got laid off. Big party booh hoo's, the whole 9 yards. I wasn't getting enough shifts so remained perdeim and I went to a LTC facilty as a part timer and low an behold who was working there. I was thrilled there was some one I knew and we had worked well together. Well, boy was I wrong. This LPN was nasty, demeaning and outright embararsing to me every chance she got. A shouting match ensured which she started out of nowhere and like you, in the med room and I was fired. This happens all over nursing. It has been allowed to go on. The majority of nursing don't even know it is wrong. I learned from then on - never work with an old co-worker, no matter how well your think you get along. I guess the same should hold true for old class mates. When I say nursing can't handle certain things and situations- I really do mean that. It comes from years of seeing it. i can tell you- it is NOT getting any better. I don't care how many anti bullying and civilty campaigns they push. It just makes for good press to hide the real ugly of nursing. It's to bad one has to "dumb themselves down" so someone else doesn't feel bad or look bad!! The need to go to psychiatrists and take a pill.
  9. kcmylorn

    Does Obamacare 2014 allow only BSRN to sit for NCLEX-RN?

    Yep, that helps alot- ADN's and diploma RN's do absolutely no critical thinking. Hey Sandra Dee-"schooling" "vocational skills" can we please stop yapping like we are from a bad"Tammy and the Millionaire" film!!
  10. kcmylorn

    Wrote up a CNA, but I was the one who got the boot!

    !!! Yep, that's pretty much how nursing goes. I personaly think nursing school is wasting their time teaching all those nursey things- the only 2 courses they need is sabotage and bullying and lazy CNA's
  11. kcmylorn

    FIRED I didn't even see it coming , Please advise

    My guess is- you were not being judged on your work ethic, your morals, medical ethics, your skills, you nursing capabilities or knowledge. You were being judged on whether "they" liked you!! Whether you would "fit"in with their little tea party. You were not a good fit to all the other "party go-ers" -the clique, the firm. This is what keeps nursing down and will continue to keep nursing down. This is what has allowed other outside influences( business, legal, marketing and any other fly by night people) to come in and dictate our practice. Nursing has no idea now how to take back it's practice and govern themselves and control their professional practice. When ever you see a Nursing person making an attempt to address a legislator- it is a feble attempt, one of a meely mouth who is so lacking in self confidence- they are such an embarassment- they speak with no conviction in their voice and present a pathetic image. Like one of the wooden "weebles toys" that the kids play with. They "weeble" down to their seat, reach for their seat because they are afraid they can't find the chair and will fall on the floor!
  12. kcmylorn

    I am now too expensive and too experience to get a new job!

    The reason your not getting along with your manager is probably because you know more than they do- the manager feels threatend. Why nursing continuiously gives managerial positions to those with such easily threatened ego's. I will never know. A manager with less experience than their most experienced staff member is always going to feel threatened. Maturity would tell a reasonable person with common sence, there is always going to be some one with more experience than you or who knows something more than you do.
  13. kcmylorn

    I am now too expensive and too experience to get a new job!

    Agencies are giving the open contracts and choice shifts to younger nurses. I know, I am an agency nurse. The people in the offices assigning these shifts are non nurses- they are 20 yr olds who just got out of high school, maybe some community college business courses. They give the shifts to others their own age. Last week I was offered a perdeim shift- 95 miles from my home!!! I have driven 8,000 since aug 2012 to do agency shifts- some of these shifts are 87 mi from home( 87 mi times 2- up and back)- 174 mi in one day. An older nurse cannot get a contract unless you are an OR nurse- not too many younger nurses in the OR's these days. I was offered a per deim shift 20 miles from house via e-mail from the" little recruiter", I resonded yes to it 5 minutes after she sent it, she e-mailed me back 2 hours later to say some one else took the shift! REALLY- I'm supposed to believe that!! Went to a training day for inservices- the agency needed 12 RN's. All the RN's there were over 45yr old. The training was 75 mi from our homes. The other nurses were out of the same office I was- I went around and asked them when I saw age was a common denominator. One of the male nurses( over 50) got up an walked out when he found we were going to be driving all over the state to kingdom come at 5 AM!!! I had to go into the agency office and threaten to call the EEOC before they "miraculiously" produced a contract, pulled out from under a pile of papers, 68 miles from my house. I am on unemployment so I have to check in with unemployment every 2 weeks to keep the claim open. I told the dept of labor investigator about the scene and extent I had to go to to get work from this agency and the pulling of the contract from under a pile of papers, - she said this is ILLEGAL and it is called hiding job opportunities. The investigator stated she wanted it reported and gave me the number to call to report it. Which I did. Discrimination is alive and well and gotton away with in NURSING!! This is what is happening in the beloved nursing profession. Shushing it up, or the nurse who complains about, it is not going to make it stop or go away. Neither is bullying the nurse who complains about it, going to fix it.
  14. kcmylorn

    El Paso Hospital voted for NNU

    Glad to see there are some nurses that still have a backbone and can stand up and do the right thing- Go El Paso!
  15. kcmylorn

    I am now too expensive and too experience to get a new job!

    Maybe if nurses would start reporting these employers to their departments of labor and the EEOC, the problem would stop. Age-ism is not that hard to prove- it just takes asking yourself"are you being treated any differnent than someone else who is younger than you?" and writing down comments and situations. Nurses in general, have rolled over and played dead for too long. So now, no one believes us when we tell them of these events.
  16. I haven't seen sexual harassment. I think the docs pretty much know who they can slap on the butt and who they can't. They are not that dumb. They don't want to be involved in a very lucrative out of court cash settlement for sexual harassment.