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  1. 33762FL

    Would YOU recommend to a friend/family member, etc..

    I'd absolutely recommend it. Med sug at least is flexible, pays well, and rewarding. I can think of few better career choices.
  2. 33762FL

    I get worried about my career choice....

    Bedside isn't easy - it's hard and it can be very stressful. But anything worth doing in life is going to be hard. The rewards of being a bedside nurse far outweigh the difficulty and stress, IMO.
  3. 33762FL

    I get worried about my career choice....

    I highly recommend nursing as a career. I'm a second career nurse. I was 32 when I graduated from nursing school, passed NCLEX, and started working med-surg at a local hospital. I love nursing and I have no regrets about it. Being able to do something were I feel I am making a positive difference in the work, helping other people in a tangible way, and seeing the gratitude of patients and family members is a priceless experience that I wouldn't trade for any other profession. My job is also flexible, it pays well, and it can't be automated our outsourced. I don't have children but if I did, I would steer them towards a career in health care (nursing or something else), regardless of gender, throughout their childhood. That being said, I am not sure if your post reflects doubts about nursing or doubts about life choices and becoming an adult in general. Maybe I am wrong, but your post reads as if you're young, late teens or early 20's. It is normal to have a lot of anxiety at that age and feel confused about who you are, what you want to do with your life, etc. Emerging adulthood is a really hard period in life, and that difficulty is what resulted for me in a useless liberal arts degree and string of low-skilled, miserable jobs as receptionist and later a human resources recruiter. It took time and maturity for me to figure out who I was and that I wanted to be a nurse. So I think your first step is to think about how much of your anxiety is related to nursing and how much is about emerging adulthood.
  4. 33762FL

    Am I a Job Hopper?

    I was in HR before I was an RN, although not in health care. If I were a manager, I'd only call you for an interview if the job market for nurses in my area was extremely tight and I could not afford to be picky. Three jobs in 2 years is way too many. You're stating you left a job because it was too far from home - well if I were a hiring manager, my first thought would be "she'll leave this job too when she decides it's too far from her home" or for some other similarly weak reason. Good luck in your job search.
  5. 33762FL

    Future Shortage in Bedside Nurses

    I graduated with a diploma/AS in 2011 but had a previous unrelated college degree. I've been in med-surg since I graduated and I have no plans of changing that any time in the near future. I may want to go into a specialty (but still direct patient care) like endoscopy in the future, but would still want to work med-surg per diem. I'm working on my BSN and will finish in 6 months, but I have no desire to go into management. I am only getting the BSN because it will give me more options of what facilities will hire me as a bedside nurse or for a specialty in addition to med-surg.
  6. IMO quitting now is the worst idea ever, like in the history of the world (lol). Not only would the hospital internship not count as experience, but it will actually make it harder for you to find a new grad job than a new grad who has never worked as a nurse before because from an HR/Management standpoint, who the heck wants to take a gamble on a flaky employee who takes a job and then quits within weeks? Going back to CA for an LVN job is also a terrible idea, it's a short term gain with long term loss. You became an RN for a reason, not to be stuck in the same job with the same pay you had before. Stay where you are, get at least a year experience, THEN go back to CA and get a hospital job. The pay will be better, as will the career trajectory. Don't do what sounds good in the short term just to handicap yourself in the longer term. The pigs who built their house out of sticks or straw had it easily blown down, the pig who built his house of out bricks reaped long term rewards.
  7. 33762FL

    Have I Committed Career Suicide?

    It's not career suicide but it will certainly make it far harder to get that first job (a year from now) than it would if you were looking to start work right away. Continuing for BSN and certifications is good, but you'll still be an old new grad in a year, putting the desired specialties such as ICU and ER further from reach. Best of luck to you, hopefully you'll find something when you're ready to start your career.
  8. 33762FL

    How many of you here wear ted/support hose to work?

    I do! They're far more comfortable than not wearing them, plus they help prevent the formation of spider veins. I already had spider veins. I'm only in my early 30's and have never been pregnant (pregnancy exacerbates spider veins). I went to a specialist to get a cosmetic procedure to get rid of the spider veins, and when the MD did an ultrasound on my legs he found some mild reflux of blood indicating incompetent valves. He highly recommended that I wear the TED hose as often as possible, not just work.
  9. 33762FL

    Curious Observations Regarding Job Postings

    Look on the bright side. Regardless of age, at least you're an experienced RN which makes your skills far more marketable than most other people's. Here's a story about a man in NYC with a master's degree in English looking for a general, unskilled office job and having no luck. He posted a fake job ad on craigslist to see how much competition he had, and got over 650 qualified responses for an administrative assistant job with no experience required paying $12-13/hour. You can read the story here. Regardless of age, nurses have it way better than most. Man Creates Fake Craigslist Ad To View His Competition
  10. 33762FL

    Penalized for too many interests

    To many different jobs in too short a time frame raises a red flag. Either the person is a job-hopper and the prospective employer wants to avoid the mistake of hiring someone who will just quit, or the person was fired/laid off so many times that the employer is wondering what's wrong with them. This is what happened to me in my career prior to nursing, I was laid off so many times that each time it got harder and harder to find a job, I think they were wondering what was wrong with me that no company considered me a valuable asset.
  11. 33762FL

    Am I being offered a fair pay?

    For the person asking about new grads in Staten Island - I'm in NJ within commuting distance of Staten Island and started at $33/hour as a new grad, in a hospital. I would think given the proximity that Staten Island would be comparable.
  12. 33762FL

    I hate my job and I can't get out.

    My union actually twarted the sale of my facility to a shady company. When the facility was then sold to a different company with a better reputation, the union protected our contract and prevented layoffs of senior nurses only to be replaced with younger, cheaper nurses. Without the union we would have gotten a much worse deal on PTO, annual percentage increases, health insurance, job security, etc. Our union dues are a few dollars per pay check. I often wonder if the people who do all the union bashing have ever actually been in a union, because everything they claim simply isn't true (tyranny, expensive dues, etc).
  13. [color=#333333]the lord's prayer is in effect groveling at the feet of a bearded old man with the attitude of a nurse ratched running a supply depot. i don't understand why people find it inspiring. i thought it was just a very old poem written by the early catholic church and edited a bit by king henry viii for the episcopal church.
  14. 33762FL

    Pay Off My Student Loans In Full or Make Monthly Payments?

    As long as you have a way to get money in an emergency (like a relative who would lend or give to you if you lost your job or got sick), pay it all off tomorrow and save yourself $8K. If not, pay if off as quickly as possible while still saving some money in the bank each month. "Credit History" is BS, it's an invention of the financial industry to encourage us to take on debt. Your credit history will be fine as long as you pay off the loans and pay your credit cards in full each month. 332
  15. 33762FL

    Nurses' were JESUS' sidekicks...

    I'm not a "sidekick of Jesus" nurse any more than I'm "sidekick of James Bond" nurse, because neither of them are real IMO. And if it's difficult for you to deal with other religions and cultures than your own, that's something you need to work on. As a nurse you encounter patients from all walks of life and all parts of the world, you should be equipped to respect all people.
  16. 33762FL

    Resume stand out or resume death sentence???

    I was an HR person who read resumes before I became a nurse. IMO unless you're in a creative field (design, performance art, whatever) you need to stick with the traditional MS word resume, no fancy stuff.

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