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Conversation with my kids this morning

  1. 11 This morning I had the following conversation with my kids (ages 5 and 3):

    "Mommy, why are you dressed up?"
    "I'm going on a job interview."
    "Why do you go to job interviews?"
    "You meet with people and if they like you they offer you a job."
    "I like you, Mommy!"
    "I like you, Mommy!"

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    Hopefully the job interview will follow suit. =)
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    Good luck to you!!
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    Good luck. You however got the approval for the best job ever, being their mommy. What a heart melting moment.
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    I was going to say the same have just been hired for the most important job of your life.

    Good Luck !!!!
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    You got the most imp't approval of all. Keep that in mind during the interview! Best wishes.
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    This reminds me of what I did yesterday..... when I was a child, I had a cedar "hope chest." Well, I still have it. Yesterday I got together some stuff I had been saving, and put them in the cedar chest. My grandson's first pair of shoes (Nike) and my granddaughter's blankie. The bracelet from my son's birth, his football jersey, my grandson's "Buzz Lightyear" t-shirt (that we could never get off him!). My deceased dog's "necklace." Anyway, you get the point. This is now my memory chest. Hope your job interview went great.
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    It sounds like you not only have a great job, but also two really terrific "employers."
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    You are hired.
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