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  1. gatoraims RN

    9/5 What I learned this week.....

    I learned that one young OD pt who has been in our hospital literally for months, can make for two very long and exhausting shifts. Dread going back this weekend all because I just can't do one more night of that this soon. Pt hates the world, the situation, and the entire hospital staff. It just makes for a very unpleasant night.
  2. gatoraims RN

    (8/29) This week, I have learned......

    I learned that a LOL can vomit large amounts of dark blood and clots. I also learned that it is something that freaked the hell out of me and may have had fear in my voice when I called for my charge nurse for help "now". I also learned that a MD does not give a rats arse about vomiting blood when said LOL is a DNR. I also learned that I fear being a nurse other nurses don't trust. I wonder when my self confidence will kick in. Or if I would know if I am a nurse other nurses don't trust. P.S the LOL made it. I was so worried she would not.
  3. Thanks for all the advice! I got up the nerve to speak with my manager. She, the dream manager, and I have a lunch date scheduled to discuss my transfer. My manger was happy I came to her first and said that the dream floor manager is a close friend of hers. She said she is happy to see her floor nurses grow and go after their dreams. She did add that if my dream floor is not what I want it to be she will always have an open spot. She went onto say that my company loves to promote within and that I owe her or the floor nothing for orientation. She stated she only asks for 6 months out of experienced nurses because time spent on orientation is short and 6 months is all the company or herself expect in return.
  4. gatoraims RN

    Is nursing too difficult for a mother with young children?

    I am a full time nurse and mother of 5. I love that nursing gives me the flexabilty to pick my hours, days, and so much more. I do miss my children when I am working but get to spend long stretches with them on my days off. I do try to work three nights in a row so I have a long period with them. I am married and my husband works normal office hours. We are blessed to have my mother-in-law close and she watches the younger ones while I sleep.i cannot think of any other career that I can make good money, love what I do, and have the flexibility I get in nursing.
  5. gatoraims RN

    New Nurse on Med Surg Floor

    Not that it helps but you are not alone. I think even seasoned nurses have moments where they feel like they are always behind. I am coming up on a year of med/surg experience, it does start clicking. I still have days when I am swamped like the past two nights I had two discharges back to back, I work nights so this is unusual. I just felt stressed and behind. Nurses are a team even on your own you are still part of a team, utilize nurses you can count on. Are you going to nights or days? Nights I felt overall I can connect more with my patients that on days. I don't like nights because it messes up sleep but I like it much better overal than days.
  6. gatoraims RN

    RN to BSN or RN to MSN

    I an currently looking to finish my BSN, however I was wondering if it would be better to just go through with the RN to MSN instead. Any pointers. I eventually do want to further my education but I want a few more years of bed side experience under my belt. Not sure if I should just go ahead and get my masters now.
  7. gatoraims RN

    When should I talk to my manager?

    Thanks everyone. I think I am going to take the risk and talk to her sooner. I am getting to old to not go after what I want. I am not a new nurse. I owe my current manger and co-workers time on the floor because I was given 3 weeks of orientation. I plan on offering my time on a part time status or PRN. Now I just need to get up the courage to discuss it with her.
  8. gatoraims RN

    When should I talk to my manager?

    Thanks for the input. I do have a bit more than 6 months experience overall. Just 6 months at my current hospital. I am not sure why she would fire me, I have a great working relationship with my night shift crew and the junior nurse manager. Even in my interview she just asked for 6 months. I figured going PRN or even part time is better than leaving all together. Maybe I am just naive.
  9. gatoraims RN

    When should I talk to my manager?

    Wish I could. I would need my manager to OK a transfer (same hospital). I have to be honest with her or I will always be stuck on the same floor or have to go to a different hospital and there are only a few in town.
  10. gatoraims RN

    When should I talk to my manager?

    I am currently working on a med/surg floor. Love my team but not med/surg. I would like to post to internal jobs but have to wait until I have been on the floor for 6 months. I want to go PRN on my current floor at my 6 month mark in order to look for positions in a specialty. When should I let my manger know my intentions? A few weeks from my 6 month mark or a month? Is this something I need to speak to her about in person or email. I work nights and rarely see her in person. Thanks for any tips.
  11. gatoraims RN

    Win $100! June 2015 Caption Contest

    The kid in 214 stuck it up his.......
  12. gatoraims RN

    ICU ingenuity? Tricks of the trade?

    Going to have to try this thanks.
  13. gatoraims RN

    ICU ingenuity? Tricks of the trade?

    Very intersetd in how to make a female urinal! Please share.
  14. I am a new to med/surg nurse but not new to nursing. I am still in orientation and my preceptors all say I am doing a great job. However I am not as confidant. I see other nurses just running circles around me. Currently I want to work on the plan for my patients. During shift handoff I am lost more times than not of what the plan for a patients is. How do I make myself better with this. Some issues I can come up with a plan like a pt with a PICC who needs IV atb, he will remain in hospital until the IV atb is complete. But the 98 year old chf pt who is now able to oxygenate better and is currently tolerating his lasix well. I myself am not sure why he is still in the hospital when the reasons he was hospitalized are under control. The hospice consult was refused by the family and the plan on sending him back to his skilled nursing facility. How do I answer or know what the plan is. Or the pt who was admitted for abdominal pain, CT was negative, stools negative, labs normal. She is still in pain but generalized and not just abdominal. The generalized pain is chronic pain. Md is aware of pain issues but she has had chronic pain for years and medication is not helping. I could say pain control but I still think there should be more. I feel like such an idiot that cannot give a good report or know what the plan for my pts is. Thanks for any tips.
  15. gatoraims RN

    Need advice please

    I recently interviewed for a med/surg position and was given an offer. I just need to do drug testing ect. I had an interview in OB/Gyn nursing at one of their sister hospitals. OB would be my dream job and why I got onto nursing. I let them know I had an offer for med/surg because The OB interview sounded promising and the hiring manager emailed me to let me know that she contacted her HR recruiter and will keep me posted and I should do the same. How long do I wait? Do I accept one then bail if I get the OB nursing position. I don't want to end up without a job if I say no to the med/surg job and never hear back from the OB job. One part art of me is dying to just wait hell or high water for the OB job but the rational side says a bird in the hand. Ugh I feel sick. I have one year non acute RN experience, 4 months acute seasonal RN experience, and was an Lpn for a year prior to becoming an RN. So I am a novice nurse in the acute setting but not a new grad.
  16. I am a new hospital nurse. I worked in a clinical office setting with a ton of autonomy my first year of nursing. I love the job but wanted to try acute care nursing. I am a new (3mths only 3 shifts out of orintation) med-surg nurse. I love my co-workers and director. The floor really has a handle on team work. The other nurses say I am doing good but I disagree. My First shift on my own was so stressful. I had a pt on a heparin drip (never had one during orientation but I did learn how to calculate the drip), a etoh pt who was on lipids and not listening to us on fall prevention, an elderly confused pt who was very agitated who would not take his meds, a new admin, a post-op day 2 colostomy, and alertx3 elderly pt whose biggest want was to call and tell his wife goodnight ( thank God for this pt). All the others had me on my toes. I thought I understood an order for the heparin pt. She had an INR of 1.9 had Coumadin and the heparin drip was going at 22ml/hr. Her infusion finished and the next bag was in the mar for 1600. It currently was 0500. So stupid me thought because she was close to a theraputic level for herbINR that the next infusion would be at 1600 and we were weaning her over to Coumadin. I did not hang a new bag. The next nurse chewd me out for stopping the heparin. I felt the size of an ant. I did tell her I was confused by the mar and asked her to tone her voice down. She re grouped and explained to me not to stop heparin and I can hang a new bag even if the mar has it hours later. My my last shift was just stressful. I had 3 elderly pts with cdiff, 1 with Mrsa , an elderly with a peg tube and on jevity, and a new admin. Everything went smooth until 600. Then lab is calling me for critical K. I had a dr calling on my admin because his admitting dx was an emergency surgery type dx and was I the nurse sure it was this dx. I explained to him I was going by the ER docs dx and could give him my assessment. According to my assessment it was hand in hand with the admiring dx and an emergency surgery as the pt could now have an amputation. ( ended up not being the dx that was an emergency surgery after all but again I felt like I let my pt down because of what ifs) I had never heard of the dx, non of my co-workers either. It was our understanding it was an infection and would be treated with ATB therapy. I put put the orders in for my critical lab pt, pts had new fluids hung, all in need had bed baths, all had Their am meds but I did not start meds for my critical labs. I just passed it off in report because pharmacy had not verified the order yet. I left eft and felt like I was leaving a HUGE mess for the oncoming nurse. I wonder if acute care nursing is even for me. I like my job but wonder if I was made to be a hospital nurse. I know there are many threads about the stress new nurses experience but I don't want to be the slacker nurse or the ignorant nurse. I hate thinking that is what I am. 😢 Thanks for letting me vent. Sorry for any typos, trying to type this while holding a curious baby. L