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I just received a voice mail from an RN Surveyor for the State regarding the investigation of a particular patient who died around the time I cared for her earlier this Spring. She didn't leave... Read More

  1. by   himilayaneyes
    I definitely would not speak to this person regarding the patient even if you did nothing wrong. Refer this person to your agency supervisor. Contact your supervisor at the agency first. Contact your malpractice insurance if you have it. Contact a lawyer if you have to. Don't discuss the details of the case with anyone even if you did nothing wrong. They'll speak to every nurse that ever took care of the patient during her stay if they're doing an investigation...but protect yourself first. I also agree with one of the previous person that this person from the facility should contact you in writing with an official letterhead...not by phone or email. Good luck.
  2. by   Scarlette Wings
    Quote from taketwoaspirin
    i would not speak to anyone i have never heard of over the phone about such a matter. you are taking their word for it that they are who they say they are. if they contact you again, as them to contact you in writing (on official letterhead, not an e-mail) stating exactly what it is that they want and you will consider their request after you have spoken to your legal advisor. don't let them bait you into talking to them without counsel. if they are serious and legitimate they will be happy to comply. if they are just "fishing" they will go away. there are way too many scams out there to be drawn into something like this.
    [font="verdana"]my thoughts exactly. i have never had a state inspection, a survey or anything else by phone. that seems off to me.
  3. by   canesdukegirl
    Most if not all medical institutions have public relations staff. They ALL have risk management employees. Defer the caller to THEM, and only give any sort of information directly to either the PR person or the RM person. You don't have to speak to this person directly, and should you need to be deposed, they will be there for you.
  4. by   Bella'sMyBaby
    I had a similar experience happen to me, however, I was contacted by a group of Lawyers from out of town. The advice that was given to me was "Don't get involved in someone else's "******* Match." Needless to say, I did not call the Lawyers back & I never heard from them again.
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  5. by   Bandaide
    If you do choose to talk to anyone involved in any kind of legal case, be aware that every entity involved in the case will be calling you too. I gave CPR to a woman whodied after she had been run over by her rental car. I had four different law firms representing the victim, the rental car agency, the car's manufacturer, and the property owner calling me repeatedly (4-6 times each). I also was interviewed by the police several times. I was then subpoened to appear at trial, though they ended up settling out of court about two weeks before that date. Part of me would think twice before helping again in similar circumstances, but I'm not sure I could live with myself if I didn't try.
  6. by   Ruby Vee
    Quote from txanon
    i just received a voice mail from an rn surveyor for the state regarding the investigation of a particular patient who died around the time i cared for her earlier this spring. she didn't leave specifics in the message, she just wants me to return her call. i am an agency nurse. how should i conduct myself when i call her back? by the way, i am a brand new lvn.

    also, i want to add, this state surveyor does not work for the board of nurses but for the department of which the nursing facility is a part of.
    any time i've had a request to talk to someone outside my hospital about a patient event, the request comes from risk management. twice, i've had risk management from a former employer call me to get my take on an event that occured during my employment. if this request didn't come from risk management, i'd be hesitent to call them back. good luck.
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    bumping for more advice and experiences
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    bumping for more advice and experiences
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