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Bella'sMyBaby specializes in MDS/Office.

Bella is our Beautiful Cocker Spaniel rescued from a Puppy Mill; now we are blessed with 5 dogs!! Inspired by my Best Friend, who was killed by a drunk driver.

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  1. Bella'sMyBaby

    Jobs that older nurses do. (?)

    How about an MDS Coordinator Position? I've been one for 10 years.
  2. Bella'sMyBaby

    I've got a social worker that is doing everyone's job

    We are having the same issue with one of our Social Workers; she is supposed to be doing the "Administrator in Training" at some point. She's into everything else (of course, everything is a secret) & assessments don't get done.
  3. Bella'sMyBaby

    Would you become an RN again if you had the choice?

    I am in front of a computer all day...I'm an MDS Coordinator.
  4. Bella'sMyBaby

    Would you become an RN again if you had the choice?

    NO, absolutely NOT.... And for you newer Nurses....I feel sorry for you. For starters, too many Nurses, not enough jobs, pay has decreased & hotel customer service B.S.
  5. I know a Nurse who had recently went in front of the Nursing Board because a Dr. refused to sign an order he claimed he "did not give"....
  6. Bella'sMyBaby

    Let go after three days? Seriously?!?!

    Since you have MDS 3.0 experience, you should have no problems finding another MDS position. MDS Coordinators are in demand.
  7. Bella'sMyBaby

    Let go after three days? Seriously?!?!

    Maybe you would want to consider an MDS Position with another company....Perhaps working in a bigger facility with 2 or more MDS Coordinators....I worked in 3 different facilities as an MDS Coordinator before my current position. Like I told you before, don't beat yourself up....This nonsense is so common in LTC. You don't need to work in a Toxic place like that....They did you a favor, you just don't realize it yet.... Good Luck & keep us posted.
  8. Bella'sMyBaby

    MDS Nurse burned out and going back to the floor

    I understand exactly how you feel. Only another MDS Coordinator really understands the constant demands...yes, most think it's a fluff job....have heard that one too...there are two of us in the MDS Dept and when I hear the comment, "There's two of them up there" I know they're clueless. I was in the same boat, but for me, going back to the floor was not an option; that's when I knew it was time to start looking for another MDS Position. You have to keep in mind that some Companies are better than others to work for. My goal eventually, is to be a Traveling/Interim MDS Coordinator. I wish you luck & always know that you can go back to MDS if you so choose.
  9. Bella'sMyBaby

    Rejected after 8 years of working for the company

    Working in LTC explains it all... Stop beating yourself up. Your issue is a common one in LTC. I've seen this happen over & over again. There's usually constant turn over in LTC & with turn over comes new management who have their own ideas & many times want to bring in their own staff. There's something to be said for working there 8 years....that's a long time in LTC.
  10. Bella'sMyBaby

    New RNAC workload?

    That's way too much loaded on you. Get out; they are using you.
  11. Bella'sMyBaby

    care conferences

    The buildings I have worked in, it has been the responsibility of the Social Service Dept. to send out letters residents & their families.
  12. Bella'sMyBaby


    I have heard of a few companies that place Interim/Traveling MDS Coordinators.... 360 Healthcare, Tobin & Associates & Clinical Resources....to name a few. I'm very much considering this as well. Good Luck!!
  13. Bella'sMyBaby

    Side duties of MDS/PPS coordinators

    You need to go to your Administrator. If that doesn't work, Corporate will probably have to get involved. Good Luck!!
  14. Bella'sMyBaby

    Side duties of MDS/PPS coordinators

    Are you under Nursing? My Corporation does not have MDS under Nursing. Next question....Does your DON/Nursing Dept. complete MDS Assessments? :icon_roll
  15. Bella'sMyBaby

    Side duties of MDS/PPS coordinators

    And why do you assume the Bingo was for residents....it was not....it was for the public. The Bingo thing was used as a "Marketing Tool" to bring in business but of course Marketing dumped it off their plate.
  16. Bella'sMyBaby

    Side duties of MDS/PPS coordinators

    Don't you know MDS Coordinators don't have much to do....that's why we have time to do everything else in the building. My boss in the MDS Dept. used to run Bingo on Wednesday Nights (not by choice)....until she got smart & started coming in late on Wednesdays....Guess what building does not have Wednesday Night Bingo anymore?

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