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  1. Bella'sMyBaby

    Hello...Newly Registered Nurse

    Welcome!! :[anb]:
  2. Bella'sMyBaby

    Your input please..

    Yes, you're correct, this is a BOM Responsibility that needs to be done & verified by the BOM prior to their admission, since the Common Working File is not always up to date. :)
  3. Bella'sMyBaby

    National Nurses Day: May 6th

    That sounds good to me...I got a dime-store Hawaiin Lei with a small piece of a Subway Sandwich... Told my boss that if I wanted Subway, I would go get my own $5 Foot Long... Nursing Management decided to "monitor" the food so that the Nurses wouldn't "take too much"... The doors to the food room were shut after we left...I told Management they better lock the doors! Gee Thanks Employer...Don't knock yourself out... Guess I figured out where my Raise went...
  4. Bella'sMyBaby

    Favorite bumper stickers

    "Gas Grass or @#% Nobody rides for free"
  5. Bella'sMyBaby

    offended co worker

    Ask him it it's "that time of the month"..... He is sure acting like it.....LOL
  6. I've got of those too...she's 16 & knows it all... Hate to tell you this, but it doesn't get any better! LOL!
  7. Bella'sMyBaby


    Welcome Julie! Congratulations! :[anb]:
  8. Bella'sMyBaby

    when do you declare a specialty

    Many nurses work without declaring a specialty. Most nurses I know, work by default.
  9. Bella'sMyBaby

    Hi, I'm Vhid.

    Welcome VHID! This is a great site! :[anb]:
  10. Bella'sMyBaby

    Hello!! Start the program in the fall!

    Welcome!! Might want to check out the Student Forum. :[anb]:
  11. Bella'sMyBaby

    My job is killing me.

    My facility recently put all Nursing Managers on salary...a common tactic used when Corporate knows fully well that the job cannot be done in 40 hours. You are being used. If there's anyway possible to go back to an hourly position, go for it. :)
  12. I wish someone had advised me BEFORE I entered Nursing School. It is wise to listen to the real life stories of nurses who have gone before you. Take heed, there are many seasoned & knowledgeable nurses on this site. :)
  13. Bella'sMyBaby

    new ... start program in Aug!

    Welcome Heather! :[anb]:
  14. Bella'sMyBaby

    42 years "young" and just starting nursing school!

    Welcome Nancypants...think you will like this site! :[anb]:
  15. Bella'sMyBaby

    allnurses.com hits over 500,000 members today!

    Congratulations Brian! Awesome! They say "There's Power in Numbers".