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I just got finished with round 3 of the most frustrating interviews! I was an LPN for 15 years before I went back to school for my RN. I am currently in training for management so I have been "forced" to endure the interview... Read More

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    Quote from GitanoRN
    Needless to say, I agree with your list 100% musicianRN. In addition, Do Not come in chewing gum or answer your Cell during our interview!!! However, I never seeing someone come in to an interview wearing "Pajamas" Seriously???
    I have to politely disagree with "no gum chewing." My mouth gets really dry, especially when I am nervous. I've gotten called on it but I have to stand by it.

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    Im a new rpn so I really appreciated this post and it kinda made me feel better about my chances against other candidates ..... Especially those who wear their pajamas to an interview!
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    he/she is "looking down" on people because she is trying to promote professionalism???
    and it is spelled ADVICE !
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    It may not be 'fair', but as a manager I tend to regard interviewees with long fake fingernails, multiple piercings, tight jeans, and too much perfume as not serious about working in health care. I also don't want to hear their cell phone going off every 2 minutes during the interview with Nikki Minaj signaling a new text message......smacking gum......tongue rings clicking against teeth....or questions like "can I have July off for a friend's wedding?"
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    Quote from lrobinson5
    I agree with 99% of what you said, I just disagree about the makeup part. Why on earth is that a requirement?
    i'm no expert on interview technique (i interview terribly due to nerves, and am always surprised when i get a job!) but i'm guessing what the OP means isn't so much 'be sure to wear make-up' as 'take a bit of pride in your appearance'.

    i don't really wear make-up, i can't wear it at work because i work in theatres and it just rubs off on my mask and then i look half-done and silly, and so generally forget to wear it in real life, but there is no way i would turn up to an interview looking like i haven't glanced in a mirror on my way past it!
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    now, to the OP (and other interviewers), you touched on something dear to my heart, and my face. my nose stud.

    before having it done, i checked my work's uniform policy, and made sure to use a discreet little stud. nobody mentioned it once it was done, and i have had no indication from anybody in management that it is a problem.

    say you were interviewing for another job, how would you feel about me just asking in the interview if it is a problem? or would you just see it and think 'strike 1'?
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    I thought the list was hysterical, and read similar things a decade ago. Some people are either not experienced enough in a work environment, or are not smart enough, to understand these things and have to be told. Usually when you have to be told even if you follow the directions you probably still don't understand why, or you would have already been doing them. Whats funny is I am a pro tattoo, piercing, cleavage, sexy, skin and cleavage kind of girl, but would NEVER show up for a work or parent related function in such a way. I even grew my hair out from its punk cut and went from platinum and blue to brunette just for nursing school.
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    I still can't get over the fact that applicants come in for an interview in their .... "PAJAMAS" .... Seriously? Are You Kidding Me?:uhoh21:
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    good advice
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    Quote from hey_suz
    I have to politely disagree with "no gum chewing." My mouth gets really dry, especially when I am nervous. I've gotten called on it but I have to stand by it.
    My mouth gets dry too from nerves before an interview, but I hide a bottle of water in my bag and take sips discreetly while waiting to interview. I don't chew gum, and think that would show a lack of professionalism. Doing it when your already at work, ok I get it, but during an interview???
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