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  1. pinkfluffybunny

    How has being (becoming) a lpn changed your life?

    I lived in Section 8 housing, which was income based. It was the best feeling in the world when they told me that I made to much to renew my lease.
  2. pinkfluffybunny

    Why are Nurses so mean to each other?

    1) Anyone who remembers nursing school knows that there are such things as stupid questions. That is just how life is. If you come on this board, and say something like: I am going to take my NCLEX for the sixth time in two days, any tips on how to study? You deserve to get flamed. Or if you say you want to go into nursing for the money or job security. Seriously. 2) I have realized in my very short year in a half of nursing that in order to do this job you need a thick skin. In a perfect world nurses would be like Marry Poppins, and Disney music and little blue birds would follow them wherever they go. The patients and the patients families would be nice, the doctors would be grateful, the pay would reflect the work, etc. But it's not a perfect world. I don't care who likes me. I dont care if you like me. I didn't get into this job because I wanted to make bff's with people. I care that I can do my job to the best of my ability and that my co workers do theirs. When if their nasty attitude gets in the way of pt care then it's on. 3) Don't post on a public forum, and expect everyone to agree with you. A forum is designed for dialogue. If you want to vent without feedback, start a blog. People are going to disagree, dont cry cause you feel like they were mean and hurt your feelings. See #1. The very assumption that all nurses have to be nice all the time is naive and unrealistic. Some nurses are never nice but they are still good nurses. Some nurses are just being honest. 4) To anyone just starting out, yes some of theese attitudes are reflected in the work place. Is is right? No. Will it change? Not likely. If annonymous people on a public forum have the power to upset you, just wait til the first doctor yells at you, or you have the patient from hell.
  3. pinkfluffybunny

    New reality for nurses: Not easy to find a job

    I have a theory that on paper it looks like there is a nursing shortage. For example, a friend of mine worked in a severly under staffed ICU. They would advertise for positions but, not ever actually hire anyone. There are jobs, I look at the wanted ads, but the jobs are almost impossible to get because hodpitals are asking for more and more to qualify for them. So when these people are doing their research it looks like a no brainer. Then they factor in the number of nurses that they believe that the increasingly aging population will need, combined with the nurses that in theory should be retiring, and come up with the numbers. However, they arent factoring in all of the other things like, hospitals arent staffing like they should be, and nurses are not retiring.
  4. pinkfluffybunny

    Nursing job with the least interaction

    I had suggested that also. If fact I was thinking that myself. I mostly like what I do but part of me wonders if I should start trying to plot a course towards something else. I so peds home health which involves a lot of interaction, at times, to much. I can't see myself doing this forever.
  5. pinkfluffybunny

    Working with Families that dont control their kids

    If the patient has their own room, explain to the parent through the interpreter that the sibling may no longer be around the patient while she is in your care. Legally you can not be responsible for the sibling. Let your case manager know and document everything. Make sure that the parents understand that if they can not control their child that they will not have nursing.
  6. pinkfluffybunny

    Nursing job with the least interaction

    I have had this discusssion with a friend of mine several times. She is incredibely burned out after only a few years of nursing. The constant crazy demands made by families, patients, supervisors, just the general abuse that nurses have to go through on a daily basis. I hate that she feels this way about the job, and I remember before she graduated how she was so excited to be able to do some good in the world. The pre actual work idealistic thing, I know. Like most people, quitting and persuing another line of work is not an option, finacially. So my question in not what job really has the least interaction, but what job others feel like will involve the least amount of abuse.
  7. pinkfluffybunny

    Why is there so much rudeness?

    There have been a few times when I have been very matter of fact. Honestly some people post/start some ridiculous threads and I guess I like to feed the trolls. I have to say that I think I censor my comments that I post. I definitely would never write anything I wouldn't say to someone's face and it is less censored.
  8. pinkfluffybunny

    Nursing listed as 4th on a list of fun jobs.

    Someone posted a link to the story on their facebook. But since I am using my phone I didn't feel like typing out what utter BS it is. I am going to when I get home along with the link to this thread. Being a nurse at times may be rewarding, but I would never go as far as to say fun. Unless fun resembles getting the short end of the straw every time.
  9. pinkfluffybunny

    HIPPO Violations

    No citizens aren't eligible for Medicaid/Medicare, maybe?
  10. pinkfluffybunny

    I'm a nurse...for animals?

    I am with the I could care less group, I have enough going on in my life that bugs the pee out of me.
  11. pinkfluffybunny

    Pts paying for night nursery care??

    After 14 hours of labor and pain medication, which before this the only pain reliever I had ever had was a tylenol, I couldn't imagine caring for the baby alone.
  12. pinkfluffybunny

    Best way to take Sociology and Human Growth and Dev

    Paid for LS3 today. Getting closer and closer.
  13. pinkfluffybunny

    The War On Fat

    Having empathy does not mean ignoring the obvious. Over indulging in drugs, alcohol, unsafe sex, food..... Can effect our overall health. A persons weight can determine the ability to care for a person, short staffing has seen to that. Being overweight does increase health problems which, in turn may decrease job performance and cost of insurance. Choices that are may everyday can exclude a person from a job. I can't smoke weed and have my job, so I don't smoke weed. If I want to work at the skinny hospital I need to eat less and workout more. At 5'6 170 pounds I am fluffy, I take personal accountablity for my love of doughnuts and lack of exercise.
  14. Trying to decide the best way to to knock these classes out. Looking at cost/benefit. Thank you.
  15. pinkfluffybunny

    Got a D.....:(

    I also suggest not buying the books from B and N. Go sit in the coffee shop and use them for free. Do all the books not just Saunders. I always thought that one was to easy.
  16. pinkfluffybunny

    One of the most frustrating things about nursing

    Here's a twist. I am going to say other nurses. The unnecessary drama caused by the need to project their miserableness - making up my own word, on the other people around them. Leave the BS at the door, do the job, and go home. The patients, families, and co workers will all thank them in the end. Whatever choices that were made that brought their miserable behinds into my sphere, have not one thing to do with me other than now I have to deal with the witchiness. I don't have ruby slippers and but I am praying for a house and a very selective tornado. I feel better now. /smile