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You know you've been a nurse too long when you can't enjoy a movie because of the half minute of CPR compressions only being given at about 50 per minute, with bent arms and there's a flat line on... Read More

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    ... when watching movies or TV shows and a character names a medication that has side effects that totally doesn't match
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    You are hanging out with your friends and the on of them falls and you automatically start thinking you need to get immeadiate vitals and fill out an incident report.
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    You know you have worked too many hours when you answer your cell phone "dialysis this serenidad how can I help you"
    Or when you are out to eat and hear someone coughing and this "sounds like they are aspirating" and want to suggest a swallow study.
    When you are writing a note for your kids of chores to do or something to take to school and you find yourself writing in nursing abbreviations - done that more times than I can count
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    When you get ready to give your cat insulin and you look for someone to double check your insulin dose. Hey, Pepper the real cat, is this the right dose?
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    When you can't watch medical shows on TV without yelling @ the screen "How the heck can he be on room air? He just had a crushed chest repaired? And where are the chest tubes? And the IV pumps?"
    Or you're watching a medical show, and there's a ventilator hissing in the background, but the "patient" is on room air and talking.
    My friends know better than to watch TV with me! They say I drive them nuts.
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    when you watch a movie and they show a hopital room and instead of focusing on the actor in bed you first check the amount of tube feed/IV fluid hanging and glance at the vitals monitor display.
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    You've just taken your car in to the auto repair shop and the tech is asking you, "What other symptoms is your car having?," and you're conscientiously describing all the details, and then you suggest that when he drives your car he makes sure he drives it in the right hand lane . . .
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    You knock on your own bedroom door. I usually catch myself before saying, "Nursing!" Usually.
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    -When you answer your phone "Hi, your call light's on, can I help you?"

    -When you're suddenly really, really good at the anatomy and medical categories on JEOPARDY!

    -When the idea of working Mon-Fri 9-5 just seems like an absurd joke.

    -When students and new grads look like walking chicken drumsticks (think: old Looney Tune cartoons) and it makes your stomach growl.
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    You avoid walmart because that is where you will no doubt run into some previous patients.

    Oh and you hate humanity haha
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    I have personally given my dad the scary nurse lecture more times than I can count about his BP and DM meds. Still non compliant.

    When grandma passes out in Meijer and you have to convince EMS to take her to the ER. Never a dull moment around me.

    When your aunt says "I'm glad your a nurse. My son can stay with you after his surgery when I move." She is moving out of state. He has to stay for rehab. Seriously even at home I wonder what a day off is like anymore LOL.
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    Quote from MessyMomma
    How about when you avoid all ill, frail, decrepit looking person in public, for fear of something happening that will require your help?

    Or when you are unloading your groceries at the checkout line, and notice that your package of meat has leaked. I automatically "look" for gloves before touching the bloody liquid!
    I always grab a produce bag and stick my hand in it before picking up any meat pkgs! I don't want that stuff on me! Esp poultry w/its Salmonella.
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    Quote from s2r19o88
    You go to change your nieces diaper for the first time, and you wonder where the gloves are...
    I just did this with my nephew!! haha. too funny!!

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