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Rule is: One sentence. Random thought. Silly is great. Funny would rock. If you're going to be judgmental, GO TO ANOTHER THREAD! FUN ONLY HERE! Fomite is my new favorite word because it... Read More

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    Let's take a moment, and be grateful that Spiders can't fly.
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    There are some days I wish that *I* was the one with dementia; I mean, I wish people were begging ME to eat, sleep, and take happy pills all day.
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    Quote from BostonTerrierLoverRN
    Let's take a moment, and be grateful that Spiders can't fly.
    Yeah, but some of 'em sure can jump hella ways.
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    Oh no! There must have been a biological terrorist attack, rendering all of my co-workers stuck to their computers and me the only one to hear and react to the alarms blaring.
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    Quote from sharpeimom
    I think CB powder and Toujours Moi perfume are the prevailing LOL scents.
    Don't forget Jergens Lotion, which my late grandmother used to excess.
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    You must be in immense pain, considering that you had to set your alarm clock to wake you to get your PRN Lortab.

    This actually happened. I had two male patients, mid-twenties or so, in the same room at a rehab hospital. Both were fresh post-ops for relatively minor ortho surgery, and both had q4h PRN Lortab orders. The hospital allowed patients to have their own clocks, so they set theirs to wake them up every four hours to get their goodies.
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    So, as I'm surfing AllNurses, an ad pops up: "Find Difficult Patients on E-Bay."

    No thanks. I routinely get them for free.
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    Quote from BostonTerrierLoverRN
    I have found a chicken wing bone in a fat fold of a 560lb women tonight, she said,"gah, I am surprised, the cat must have hid that there. Now don't get me wrong- I'm a dog person, but do cats hide stuff???
    My Siamese cat would hide all the throwrugs in the house if we left her alone for too long. She also chewed up all of the wool sweaters she could get to. You could actually see the holes in the shape of the kitty mouth where she nommed on the sweaters.

    My grandmother was in an LTC for 3 years before she died. One of the residents had developed an intense emotional attachment to a chicken bone. Another would regularly roll in and have a conversation with her feet. My grandma felt somewhat smug about the chicken bone lady because she was always the fussy superior-type in the lady's church group.

    You is good folks for cleaning that lady's folds out.
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    Why me? Two aides new to the unit, a pleasantly confused non-English speaking admit, and the longest four hours of my week. Anyone know Mandarin?
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    All I know is that mandarin oranges are one of my favorite things to eat!
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