Hospitals... the only place where...

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    Hospitals. The only place where the word "Positive" means a bad thing.

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    Advancing a drain, means pulling it out.
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    lunch breaks aren't mandatory.
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    ...passing gas and burping is considered a good thing...
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    caloire control is not usually a problem!
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    You have no trouble talking to strangers about bowel habits..

    ~ No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent -Eleanor Roosevelt ~
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    These are so funny and so true.
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    Oh darn, EatMySoxRN... thats the first one I thought of..

    Hospitals, the only place where someone WANTS a detailed description of your bowel movements, vomit, secretions, etc. AND wants to see them!
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    Hospitals...the only place where we can, more or less, tell what might or might not be growing in your bodily fluids based on smell alone...or whether or not you're bleeding.

    C-diff poo? oop:
    Pseudomomas pee?
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    On a more serious note...hositals are the only place you go to get better, but, instead you end up with a hospital- acquired infection ):
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