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An Accident and Emergency Department in Birmingham boasts a Nurse Payne Nurse Hacker scrubs regularly in a London Operating Department Sister De'Ath walks the corridors of a hospice in Victoria Does Annie Beaver still... Read More

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    There is a consultant urologist in my training hospital called Mr Flood.
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    Once worked with a nurse whose first name was Yarlardo. What was mama thinking? Also admitted a very old lady one day named May Dye, and that's what she did!
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    My son's paediatrician is DR Smiley and my grandfather's surgeon was Dr Butcher.
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    Knew a dialysis nurse named Alice. She called herself Alysis Dialysis.
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    Not a nurse, but a doctor.

    Doctor Coffin!!!

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    My name would be nurse Poucket... Kinda sounds like "poke it"

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