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  1. Phoenixbyrd

    January 2015 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    "Er--excuse me. Is Ms. Smith cleared for more pudding? She likes tapioca."
  2. Phoenixbyrd

    I Hope No One Hires You

    Ugh. Same here. Usually I don't like to post just to say, "Me too," but I've been trying to break into healthcare with a basic entry level nursing job for so long, it's hard to keep focused on the goal. But despite my boo-hooing, I am sure you will get your entry soon, Open. (side rant over....)
  3. Phoenixbyrd

    any one working at university hospital in Newark NJ

    Hi! I am curious - what is the culture like at University? Is it super busy?
  4. Phoenixbyrd

    Awful hospital conditions. Anyone else experience this?

    I sent you a PM with a question....
  5. Smh. Times like this, I say d'oh. Why didn't I think of ECC? Thanks, Helen
  6. Can CNAs get work as a critical care tech? I posed the question dumbly, but I'm really interested in knowing how to best market myself as a newly trained CNA. I eventually want to work in critical care, and would like the exposure to the environment now. How would you describe your duties in comparison/in contrast to the duties a CNA would be responsible for on an oncology unit? The OR? A medical/surgical floor? Thanks all who have read.
  7. 68 views but no responses? Someone, please shout out your school!
  8. I am still a pre-nursing student wanting to get my certification in EKG and phlebotomy. Kind healthcare NJ personnel, do you mind listing where you received your certification in Essex County, what you liked about your training/program and what you didn't like? What was the cost? Are there any special discounts for students? Thanks, Phoenix
  9. Phoenixbyrd

    PTSD after being an ICU patient

    Hey, I am glad to see this article. I became interested in the nursing profession after my own icu stay with a brief stint of PTSD. I wondered why no one addressed my PTSD at the hospital. Later on I thought it was the perfect topic to write a capstone project. This issue really needs to be addressed, although I haven't had the chance, after getting my prereqs done, to re-focus on this issue.
  10. Phoenixbyrd

    How much do sitters make? And how to qualify?

    Thanks, Kara. I was a hard-headed tool. It is a year and a half later but now I'm going for my CNA license. It's good to re-read threads:cheeky:
  11. I found your post compelling - I have a question for you. Have you found that your logical nature allows you to clearly communicate with overly emotional or irrational patients? Would you say that "empathy" can be a weakness in some incidences, specifically in the cases where patients may try to manipulate by victimizing themselves? My real question is, how does your INTJ status helpful to you as a bed side nurse? I am also an INTJ, and I am of the belief that my logic-seeking nature can be a strength in the nursing profession.
  12. Since I'm on the cusp of getting my CPR training, I've become a bit apprehensive about real possibility of death, and how I will personally and professionally handle it. That is, I know I will spring to action once I master the skills - but how to deal with the reality of failing to revive someone? How will I deal with seeing life ebbing away? My imagination is running on overdrive.
  13. Phoenixbyrd

    Who's getting EXCITED!!??

    I am pulling up the rear. My orientation isn't until later next month, but I'm puttering along. I just finished getting my immunizations, and I'll sign up for CPR next week. Just wanted to chime in, because I, too, am feeling the 'realness' of it all. I am SO ready and excited.
  14. Phoenixbyrd

    Cutting my ties to this specialty

    I read your post with interest, because I was considering working as a scribe - were you a nursing student while working as a scribe? May I PM you? I'd like to pick your brain - if you don't mind talking about what made your experience a bad one, that is. I also notice in a past posts references to your overcoming your quiet nature - which interests me because I do consider myself quiet. I am wondering whether your relatively quiet/introverted (?) nature figured into your dislike of emergency nursing? Questions, questions; I've got so many questions I wish to pose:nurse:
  15. Phoenixbyrd

    Anyone ever felt this way starting out ..

    Ok, ok...let's NOT psych each other out here. I see these are some pretty universal feelings/emotions we are all going through now. These emotions must be the first initiation rite into nursing. I'm done with prerequisites - and I miss the excited person I was when I first 'hatched the plan' to become a nurse. I'm in the same boat with you OP. I am running around trying to get my immunizations done, making a BIG production out of it, and I was wondering why the drama when it dawned on me that I'm running the last leg before actually becoming 'shaped' into a nurse. Well, that's how I see it - I'm a fruit bowl of emotions, which is very unlike me. I wish you well, OP and I believe your emotions (and mine) will transform into the stuff that'll make us excellent nurses.
  16. Phoenixbyrd

    Should I take a job as a medical scribe?

    Thanks MissRN2b for sharing. How did you answer the question regarding handling high stress situations? I am not coming from a hospital/medical background, but I would answer something like, "I continue to try to maintain my composure while continuing to ask questions to gather the information I need to help." Would you consider that a weak answer? How did you answer? Are you at the beginning of your nursing training? Before finding your post I was concerned because I will begin clinicals this fall and the job I am interested in also requires me to work 2-3 twelve hour shifts. The position sounds ideal, but I may have to forgo it as well. Drat.

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