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    January 2015 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    "Er--excuse me. Is Ms. Smith cleared for more pudding? She likes tapioca."
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    PTSD after being an ICU patient

    Hey, I am glad to see this article. I became interested in the nursing profession after my own icu stay with a brief stint of PTSD. I wondered why no one addressed my PTSD at the hospital. Later on I thought it was the perfect topic to write a capstone project. This issue really needs to be addressed, although I haven't had the chance, after getting my prereqs done, to re-focus on this issue.
  3. I found your post compelling - I have a question for you. Have you found that your logical nature allows you to clearly communicate with overly emotional or irrational patients? Would you say that "empathy" can be a weakness in some incidences, specifically in the cases where patients may try to manipulate by victimizing themselves? My real question is, how does your INTJ status helpful to you as a bed side nurse? I am also an INTJ, and I am of the belief that my logic-seeking nature can be a strength in the nursing profession.
  4. Since I'm on the cusp of getting my CPR training, I've become a bit apprehensive about real possibility of death, and how I will personally and professionally handle it. That is, I know I will spring to action once I master the skills - but how to deal with the reality of failing to revive someone? How will I deal with seeing life ebbing away? My imagination is running on overdrive.
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    Who's getting EXCITED!!??

    I am pulling up the rear. My orientation isn't until later next month, but I'm puttering along. I just finished getting my immunizations, and I'll sign up for CPR next week. Just wanted to chime in, because I, too, am feeling the 'realness' of it all. I am SO ready and excited.
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    New respect for ADN Students

    Thanks for that congratulations. It is amazing to me that 2 years after first conceiving to become a nurse - finding All Nurses and ravenously devouring the posts, I will begin my nursing program at my local cc. Thank you, not.done.yet for those guidelines. I've read other people's stories not really knowing what to expect for myself, so I now appreciate some points to pay heed to. I imagine I will be posting more on this site with my nursing diagnosis questions in the future.
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    How much do sitters make? And how to qualify?

    I actually found a training program through Craigslist too. Thanks. I have avoided Craigslist like the plague in the past.
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    How much do sitters make? And how to qualify?

    May I PM you? Is this free PCA training in North Jersey? Please say it is!
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    Essex County College Nursing Fall 2012

    Pat, Can you get the name of the textbook from your friend? I'm assuming we'd be using the same book, but I would really like to scan the book. Maybe I'll swing by the book store to see what books are there.
  10. Phoenixbyrd

    Essex County College Nursing Fall 2012

    Hey, guys. Are you ready to start? Does anyone know what to expect regarding the program?
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    What are the reasons?

    OP, I have to say that I echo your sentiments. When I first found AN 2 years ago, I devoured it. I spent all my time trying to imagine myself as a nurse, accustoming myself to what I thought would be a "nursing lifestyle". I read about issues of doctor/nurse relations (and checked myself for authority issues), patient safety and a plethora of other things I won't list here. I do understand that working nurses need these forums, perhaps to expel the negatives they face. But like you, OP, I miss being inspired. Long before I thought about becoming a nurse, I used to marvel at the nursing gear, the mugs, the books (chicken soup for the nurse's soul, etc). It seemed to me that nurses had a distinct professional identity, one protected by principles and support groups (to combat burn out, for example). All this talk about lateral violence really pierces through my earlier idealization of the profession. I am aware that my earlier veneration of nurses may have been ill-informed, but I do miss the inspiration. While visiting the hospital recently, though, I talked to a couple of patient care techs who spoke of the "love of nursing" and even the "love of the patient" that got me to thinking about how I will develop and practice my own therapeutic care. I would like to hear more stories of nurses who love their career or who have a professional philosophy that incorporates a professional manifestation of love and caring. When I start my program in the fall, I am going to address this issue with my professors.
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    How much do sitters make? And how to qualify?

    What is it that you dislike about sitting? Please include specifics - I really wanna know!
  13. Phoenixbyrd

    I Got In!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats to you! And Congrats to me! I can't believe after all that time spent on prerequisites that nursing school proper is about to begin.
  14. Phoenixbyrd

    SMH (Shaking my head),Still no job yet

    I'm sorry, what does SMH mean?
  15. Phoenixbyrd

    Got the JOB!

    Also, I wish to say congratulations. Gosh, how I hope I will say the same thing in a couple of years!
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    Deceptive Offender for Chest Pains

    This is the first article I've commented on. Just excellent - it has given me an idea of what correctional nursing can entail.
  17. Phoenixbyrd

    Grooming and dressing up takes so much time...

    Wow. I am so so glad this is a meme. I have become a certified slob...
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    Funny Names for Nurses

    Not a nurse, but a doctor. Doctor Coffin!!!
  19. Phoenixbyrd

    Need to share my feelings

    Nurses are such incredible people. Please allow this stranger to give you a hug. ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((hug))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) I'm not a nurse yet, but as I read posts daily by nurses I realize that the important work nurses do can leave nurses vulnerable, and in need of some tlc too. Hugs and kudos to you for all you've done for that gentleman and your other patients.
  20. Phoenixbyrd

    Hackensack Interview Question!!!

    Maria, how does a person become a hospital tech? Should I have a CNA or patient care technician's certificate first?
  21. Hi! Anatomy and Physiology II General Bio Medical Terminology I'll be starting in 2 days (can't wait). This thread takes me back 2 years ago when I first saw this site and started planning to be a nurse. Now I'm a part of a community of nurses to be, doing it. Hope everyone has a great semester!
  22. I'm still a pre-nursing student, but until or unless I get in the program, I decided to complete the Biology major at my cc. Is this a doable schedule? I have a job on campus on the side 15 hours A&P II Biology 104 Chemistry 104 Medical Terminology Thoughts, anyone? Thanks
  23. Phoenixbyrd

    Is this schedule doable? Thoughts please

    Thanks Iridescent. Now I've got to throw a monkey wrench into the equation because I just learned I have to do an independent study class this semester too. I plan on taking a "Helper's Theory" course. I'm thinking it might help to inform my thinking in terms of how to "see" patients/clients once I start working as a healthcare professional. So my schedule looks like: A&P II Bio 104 Chem 104 Medical Terminology Helper Theory 15 hours a week job or volunteer work My question is really - is this an advisable course load for a person intent on maintaining honors status? The job is a new development, which I might ultimately turn down because I had planned on volunteering at one of my local hospitals to start networking a bit. Thanks everyone who has replied. Any thoughts, though, on the additional helper's theory/independent study class? I'll have to make a presentation at the end of my spring semester. I hope I don't sound clueless, but I find that talking about my plans on this forum really helps cement the idea in my mind that I am truly entering a professional field where my college work will directly translate over into my professional life. I am also keeping the door open for the possibility of going to PA school in the future, which is why I'm being persistent about the bio degree. I want to work in the neurological field in some capacity. Thanks, all. Please keep your ideas coming.
  24. Phoenixbyrd

    Is this schedule doable? Thoughts please

    Your comment touched upon my fear. I have heard of the "rule of thumb" 2 science class maximum. But the course description for the bio major encourages 3 science classes a semester. I think I'm just struggling with an identity crisis. My "English major frame of mind" tells me I can't handle it. "Real bio majors," however, can do it. Thanks for your remark. I'm going to buckle down next semester.
  25. Phoenixbyrd

    Is this schedule doable? Thoughts please

    Love the idea of constructing a reading schedule. I will definitely do this. I am an English major type transitioning into the sciences, but I found taking A&P with English and sociology this semester very maddening. I want a semester where I can keep my "science brain" churning.

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