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It's Pick on Doctor Day! :) I have a high regard for physicians, well, most of them, but it sure can be fun to poke fun at them. Our hospital had a notorious, frequent flyer patient with multiple medical issues, and as we... Read More

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    Quote from subee
    Surgeon is a notorious screaming anus...
    Oh, this just put me over the blinkin' edge...

    Amazing visual.

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    Quote from subee
    This thread is not safe for elderly women trying to get to work. We can't laugh this hard and keep underwear completely dry! After hours case in OR. Surgeon is a notorious screaming anus- literally screams. We're in OR, patient is asleep and while he's screaming at the surgical tech and circulator, he trips over the power cord for the C-arm and breaks a finger. We had an advantage because everyone had a mask on. The case went quickly and quietly.
    These stories are killing me!

    I have enough vivid images stored in my brain's Funny Cache to keep me laughing all day.
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    Certainly, I recall one of many funny incidents with these Versace doctors, one that comes to mind was a doctor that always looked like he step out of a commercial, his shirts were starched, with cufflinks, his hair extremely perfect, you could literally see your reflection on the shine of his shoes, etc. In addition, to make matters worse every time he came into the nursing area; nurses would get up and give him their chair. One Monday morning during rounds with his crew of interns, they stop at one of our most notorious loud female patients; which at the moment we were having a difficult time getting an IV started. The doctor in question came in and proceeded to slightly push one of the nurses out of the way as he handed her his lab-coat, and his Pianki fountain Silver pen fell to the floor, as he bend over to pick it up, we all heard a loud rip coming from his pants The patient said without missing a beat "doc your gonna need some stitches" everyone in the room bit their tongue from LOL. Needless to say from that moment on he became more human.
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    Quote from Guttercat
    Ha! What a hoot!

    Puts a whole new twist on the phrase, "O' how the mighty hath fallen."
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    I was working in the peds cardiac ICU one day taking care of this kiddo 1 day post op who really wasn't doing to hot. He was acidotic, hypotensive, having respiratory distress, just in general looked bad. We all though he'd be reintubated before lunch. Well it turns out he was not draining from his chest tubes well because the fluid was so thick so the docs on rounds tell me to aggressively milk his chest tubes, which I did roughly every 20 minutes, getting a good amount out.

    After a while of this one of the attendings turns up to check on him, she is definitely one of those "I am holier than thou" types and asks me if she can take a turn milking his tubes which I gladly let her so I could get caught up on other stuff. Well when she realized how much was coming out she proceeded to milk the tubes for an hour and a half straight! Now, really if that is what she wanted, continuous tube milking, I could have done it, but he was obviously improving and the other nurses and I knew that she would keep at it just to be able to tell everyone how she "fixed" him.

    The best part of all this, as she is going on to her colleagues about how amazing her handiwork has been, the kiddos parents turn up, they talk for a few minutes but then, not actually knowing who she is (she was a new attending for them), ask her if she was the charge nurse that day! The look on her face was priceless! And most of us nurses had to walk away for a minute to not crack up at that comment and watch her stutter in shock to tell them who she was.
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    Quote from umcRN
    . Well when she realized how much was coming out she proceeded to milk the tubes for an hour and a half straight! .


    (I had a witty response...but might be too witty for the AN TOS. )
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    We had a frequently flyer who loves her some good looking doc. One of our new hospitalists (who is a great guy with a great sense of humor) walked into the room to meet the pt when the nurse was in with the pt. Immediately the pt says "Wait, turn around, doc" and so he does, thinking she's modest and getting herself arranged. Instead she does a little hum of appreciation, tells him to turn back around slowly, and then says "Now aren't you just a mighty fine tall drink of water? THAT was a nice looking a$$." This fellow is a sharp, witty guy typically, but he just turned pink to the tips of his ears, stuttered a bit, and started his assessment as if nothing had happened, without looking anyone in the eye. Every time that gal gets admitted, we always tease him about wearing a shorter lab coat so she can get her preferred view as he leaves the room.
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    Quote from Guttercat

    (I had a witty response...but might be too witty for the AN TOS. )

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