Poll to " former" new grads. How did you land that 1st job?

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    Poll: to those of u "former" new grads- How did you get that first new grad job? Walk- ins, online applications, through networking/ someone u know helped you, etc. Thanks for any future replies! Im interested to see who was most successful and looking to apply it to my current job hunt as a recent graduate. Thanks guys!!!

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    It was hard!!!! Sent out resume after resume, told everyone I knew, stalked employers who had a position available! For real I called them weekly! It's a tough hunt lots going for the same job as you who have experience! I eventually changed my resume from the cookie cutter new grad. version and added where I obtained experience during clinicals and procedures I had performed in bold to the cover of my resume. Clinical hours do not count as experience but I needed it to be noted that I had 750 hours of clinical time and had worked in various healthcare settings even though it was for free I was still there! Treat it like its a full time job and if apps are only online try to figure out a way to show your face in person! Good luck it will happen you just got to get that one year in!
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    One of my professors set up the interview for me, and I got it! I had done clinicals in this hospital and had a lot of good things to say.
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    I was hired by an HIT company a year before a graduated.... That got my foot in the door to a major (and majorly picky) CA medical center. I was interviewed with 350 others and landed a job after one interview, while all of my friends/classmates had to go through 2-3 interviews before they were hired. Just get your foot in the door somewhere, somehow! As a volunteer or something. Because I had my foot in the door already, it was relatively easy to get hired as an RN
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    Went to the hospital, requested an application and filled it out. It was a long-shot as it was a psych facility and I didn't really have any psych experience or even desire to work in psych at the time, but figured that any RN job was better than no job. And I didn't have to stay past that golden year...

    A couple of weeks later, I got an interview request. A few weeks later, I was hired and started the job. Two years later, I earned my psychiatric-mental health certification. Present day: I'm holding down two psych RN jobs--outpatient and inpatient--so I get the best of both worlds.

    Now while I may consider dabbling in other specialties for the experiences, I love psych too much to want to fully leave it. Guess I got lucky and landed in my niche right away.
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    Networking while in school
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    Networking. I applied at every hospital within an hour of where I live. The job I ended up accepting was at a hospital where a family friend works. She forwarded my resume to the nurse manager on the floor I applied for and wrote me a letter of recommendation.
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    Same here, my nursing chair, set up an interview and just so happen I also had my critical care clinical there. So it worked out for me.
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    I applied online, followed up with emails, went to open houses for seasoned nurses. Though I didnt get that particular job, I was called the very next week by the same company at another facility. I interviewed for 2 different positions and did not get either. Third time was the charm, and just got another position in psych. Good luck!
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