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  1. Hello, I literally am in my 3rd week so far, a lot of papers and forum discussions. It is too early to tell. Good luck!
  2. I will be starting the 11 semester option come August and I am doing the MSN-DNP route.
  3. I am super excited, counting down actually. I am getting my DNP with a new specialization in Psych.
  4. Hi, I officially start 08/20, so I dont have any current feedback but once I get started I will be sure to keep allnurses updated.
  5. sophBSN15

    South University FNP-Oct 2016

    Are you talking about online or campus? No school is perfect, my only downfall was that I had to find my own preceptors.
  6. sophBSN15

    University of South Alabama PMHNP Fall 2019

  7. sophBSN15

    University of South Alabama PMHNP Fall 2019

    I am interested, have you created this yet?
  8. I was officially accepted to USA, and will be starting this fall for my DNP with new specialization in PMHNP 😍
  9. sophBSN15

    South University FNP-Oct 2016

    Well just to follow up. I graduated from South University and was pinned yesterday 9/13/2018. So yes it had its up and downs but I am DONE. Sophie MSN, I just got my authorization to test for the ANCC. Wish me luck and good luck to all of you! #DNP 2019
  10. sophBSN15

    South University FNP-Oct 2016

    Hi, Just recently started coming back to this site. But to answer your question I have 5 weeks left with South University. A lot of changes have occurred in the school but like I said in my initial post every school is what you make it. Once I am done with school I will post more, but I still go there and only have 5 weeks left!
  11. sophBSN15

    As a new nurse, how long does it take to get an ICU job?

    I'm a slow poke myself, but I did med-surge for 2 years, then Neuro PCU for one year before I was hired for Neuro-Trauma ICU. If you can look around for internships, I was lucky enough to get hired and received exactly 6 months of training 3 months on days and eventually 3 months on my nightshift.
  12. sophBSN15

    What should I do Rn or LPN?

    I would say go for the RN, if you don't have real responsibilities. I went to a LPN program first before getting my RN. I had no children and was still living with my parents, I wish I would have gone straight through, probably would be a NP by now. I have been an RN for 4 years and a nurse in general for 7. Don't waste anytime. RN =more money, responsibilities, more doors opening up. Oh yeah also get a BSN vs ASN,seems that's where all employment is going.Hopefully that helps.
  13. sophBSN15

    South University FNP-Oct 2016

    I am so excited, I can barely stand it. 2 years from now I will look back and know I made the right decision.
  14. sophBSN15

    South University FNP-Oct 2016

    First thank you for you post, good lord *Buyer Beware*, that was just a bit excessive. Like I said I did my research yes there's good and bad but I choose to look at the good side and make the best of it. So excited and hopefully it doesn't discourage anyone from wanting to do the same.
  15. sophBSN15

    South University FNP-Oct 2016

    That's so awesome, any tips would gladly be appreciated. Should I just stick with the digital books? How was locating preceptors? Is it possible to just double up through the whole program? Thanks for replying.
  16. sophBSN15

    Tampa ARNP-one yr post grad still no job!

    So sorry to hear that, a year. Have you thought about outside of Tampa? I am from Tampa to and will be starting my FNP program in Oct of this year, but plan on going outside of TAMPA for work when all is done.

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