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  1. Palm Springs - Eisenhower vs Desert regional

    Hey Everyone, This has been asked before but the old topics are years old, and I was hoping someone had some current ideas. I'm a Cardiac RN with 2 years experience. I would like to move to the Palm Springs area and am wondering what are the pros and...
  2. concerns about wearing N95 mask..

    I choke behind my n95 too, but yea I did get used to it. One clinical site had Powered air respirators (PAPR). full face masks with a little fan in the back that blows filtered air in your face. Alot of nurses loved them over the N95 although you loo...
  3. Poll to " former" new grads. How did you land that 1st job?

  4. EPIC documentation check list

    Every epic is a little bit different, thats why we are all saying you need training and extra help! goodluck.
  5. EPIC documentation check list

    You need additional training, now! You can't be expected to learn the short cuts on your own, epic is clear as mud for a new user. Kinda harsh you got an ultimatum like that.
  6. Do you enjoy med surg clinicals? Vent...

    YES drug card database is a must!! I also broke up my careplans into individual nsg dxs and saved them individually. My last clinical I was able to cut/paste a lot, saved myself hours. What worked well for me was powerpower point believe it or not. E...
  7. Questions for those new grads relocating to texas

    You have a PM
  8. May'12 Grad. My last interview in Norcal had 600 applicants, I've heard through word of mouth the popular public hospital gets 1000 apps per newgrad position, also on here I've read the uc system in socal gets 2000 per job. so yea, i can understand y...
  9. skype interview

    Just google "skype interview tips" there is a lot out there already! I had one about a month ago, talking to the screen was very weird i hated it!! but i got the job so it couldn't have been too bad. Tips are out there like: light, appropriate backgr...
  10. So much for address taken into consideration

    Happens all the time, split a cheap hotel with a friend near the hospital.
  11. Incompetent Supervisors

    Could you call their HR and pretend to be hospital x checking your own reference? Not that it helps anything, but you could at least know what is being said rather than speculate? Agreed, church influence is disturbing. Could you travel for a bit and...
  12. There is always one..

  13. Smart Pens?

    Watch-out for HIPAA on this!
  14. There is always one..

    Woo sounds HOT! Seriously, yea curious George will P/O his entire class fast. If i were in your situation where the teacher wasn't handling it, I would confront the student, first alone.. with a group if necessary. We all deserve to learn. Honestly m...
  15. The rolling backpack debate

    I went for a children's suitcase. $15 vs $50+