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    ive sat sat here and watched almost half of my classmates get a good job in either ICU or ED. I am a 2 time iraq veteran medic with ATLEAST trauma II and ICU experience, as well as the nursing school bells and whistles. i have applied for pretty much every ER and ICU position around the D/FW metroplex, and nothing. i actually got 2 interviews at parkland, the number one trauma center in dallas, but i apparently i screwed it up.

    i cant understand why i dont have a job but my classmates have jobs with no prior medical experience besides nursing school.

    jealous? damn right.

    angry? youre **** right.

    what am i doing wrong. 100+ jobs applied
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    Just a thought but is it possible your classmates knew someone at these facilities? I felt very similar as you mention with some of my classmates. I found out that one of our clinical teachers from school actually worked at the clinic we applied to & pulled in my classmates. I also realized most of my classmates were hardly honest about getting the job & never mentioned it was about who they knew NOT what they knew. Don't focus on your classmates & bust your behind applying anywhere & everywhere. Eventually you will get that dream job! Never give up!
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    Where are you having the problem? it is at the interviews? or is it that you are not getting any calls for interviews? You really need to narrow down exactly what step in the process that needs to be improved. So if you are striking out at all the interviews you will need to figure out what you are doing that is turning OFF the interviewer(s). How is your it too long? I tend to focus in on a few key things when I look over potential applicants and tend not to read really long ones. let us know so we can help.
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    Seeing as how ive only had these two professional interviews in my life, it might be. I have 3a sifferent versions of my resume. 1 for CC, 1 for ER, and a deatailed page and a half ER resume.
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    I had different resumes too but each are 1 pg long. That's it!! That is all you need to capture a hiring managers attention, so you can get an interview.
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    Probably because those are your only 2 professional interviews of your life. You said it there. Despite all the experience, they are sizing u what kind of person you are. That's very important too. I'm not saying you are, but if your coming off as " you should be hiring me, simply because of all the awesome experience I have" your not going to get the job.They have interview and resume coaches. I would invest in one.I used to interview and if you came off cocky, i wouldn't hire you. You could have all the experience in the world, but if I found you had an attitude that would conflict with my staff, it's a no go.Again, not saying this is how you are. But just a perspective from the point of someone who was once a hiring manager.
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    Thank you for your service!
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    Have you tried the VA, other federal facilities, or the IHS? All of them give preference to veterans.
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    You're in the D/FW metroplex? I also live in the D/FW area (Fort Worth, to be exact). The local job market around here has been totally saturated for the past three years with masses of new grads and many more experienced nurses.

    Schools such as El Centro, TCU, UTA, Southwestern Adventist, TCC, Brookhaven, Collin County College, Trinity Valley, Weatherford College, Hill College, NCTC, Tarleton State, Midwestern State, DNI, Grayson County College, and many others have been producing far more new grads than the local nursing job market can reasonably handle. This has resulted in too few nursing jobs and too many nurses in the D/FW employment market right now.

    To add injury to insult, many new grads from out of state have been relocating to the D/FW area in search of jobs. Numerous experienced nurses have relocated here over the past five years from all over the United States. There's also a huge population of nurses from other countries. The end result is an extraordinarily tight nursing job market.

    To be totally honest with you, your best bet is to try to get hired into any nursing job. New grad internships in areas such as the ER and ICU are fiercely competitive to the point that several hundred candidates apply for each opening. Even the general med/surg jobs are attracting several hundred applicants per job opening. Beggars cannot be choosers in this economic climate.

    Also, be open to working outside the hospital. I am cognizant that working in the ER or ICU is a dream for you, but it is imperative to start accruing experience wherever you can. LTACHs (long term acute care hospitals) such as Kindred and Vibra have ICUs. Rehabilitation hospitals such as Ethicus, Reliant, and Healthsouth often hire new grads.

    Good luck to you, and thank you for serving our country.
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    Yes it do suck!

    Actually I remember that in my class the ones with years experience had the toughest time, and these were not picky people. One had been a paramedic for years and couldn't get an interview, anywhere not just hospital. Those without a stitch of experience (and many whom didn't do so hot in school) were the first hired to good jobs. And yes, only because they knew someone - and as 1pink said, they lie at first about how they got their job, then they forget who they lied to, and tell you the next time you talk to them
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