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  1. threebrats46

    leaving my job gave a 2 weeks manager very rude.

    Do what is right for you. It's not professional of her to be "mean" as well. Dont take it personal. I worked my last day for my coworkers because I was close to them honestly.
  2. threebrats46

    Home Health IVs w/new grad nurse

    I get many PIV patients,and one particular one was a very hard stick that even her MD was surprised we were able to get anything in. If i can't get it in after 2-3 tries,they send another RN to try. I also brought a vein light I use and sometimes it helps. The majority of the patient's have a PICC,Hickman or port.I think Port accessing is worse for me then placing PIV.
  3. threebrats46

    Where does the job end?

    I feel the same way. I am putting in too many afterwork hours,i am burning out. I feel like work is always on my mind because there is always something to do: call pt,call MD,send in reports,schedules etc..then they always call to ask if I can work more. I love the work but hate having to come home and not be able to enjoy just being off.
  4. threebrats46

    Written up and confused.

    This is shocking! Im sorry this happened to you. I always did mouth care-it is comfort care!
  5. threebrats46

    Trouble with SorbaView Dressing

    I use a lot of alchohol preps and soak the alchohol on sides of dressing and it lifts easier. Then when you get to where the statlock is stuck on dressing,use alchohol to seperate it. There are also adhesive remover preps which make it easier!
  6. We always use vacutainers on PICCs,what is the reasoning behind the advice of not to?
  7. threebrats46

    Bullies at the work place.. vent

    How do you know the medication wasn't given? Did you speak to the RN first? We all make mistakes,if I had a pt tell me a medication wasn't given I would ask the RN first. Quiet possibly it was given and pt was confused,or she forgot to sign it out. I had to writer an RN up 1x and it didnt feel good. She knew a pt pulled his foley out,there was blood everywhere. We asked her to write an occurence and report it to MD and help clean the pt and the RN just walked off her shift. That is someone I would write up on.
  8. threebrats46

    Name Badges Worn Backwards

    Sometimes my ID just turns itself. If I notice that,I flip it back to my picture. Our first name is in big letters and underneath in very small print is the entire name. Barely noticeable but its there.
  9. threebrats46

    How to handle lazy LPN's on the team

    LPN's are not lazy! Maybe that particular one is. I have worked with LPNs who have done much more then I can say for some RNs.
  10. threebrats46

    My anger

    you may be doing nothing wrong,some of your classmates may just have connections. Have you attended any job fairs? Dress up in a suit!! I am shocked at the people I see going on interviews dressed in scrubs (after work I suppose). I know I recived my last position because I came dressed to impress with a resume printed on cardstock,inside a resume folder. I saw the next interviewee and she was dressed in scrubs. I worked night shift too but took the time to clean up. And do not be picky!! Get that first year experience,some places once you get in you can transfer within the hospital within 6 mnths. My first job was a very undesireable floor and I stayed there for about 4 yrs. It was hell most nights but I learned so much and have no regrets!
  11. threebrats46

    New grad struggling with receiving/giving report

    Do you use report books? We write in report books and basically copy patient's name,age,diagnoses and history and then add -on what every happened during shift ( last vital or any abnormal vitals and which MD is aware,what was done,drops/rises in labs,pain,bleeding, where the medlock is,etc...) I think every new grad has problems with report,once you get a system down you will be fine!
  12. threebrats46

    So...you've had a bad day?

    YES YES YES!!! The "entitled" patients are the ones! Also each time I got a drug seeker--I thought to myself--I did not go into nursing for this!! I want to help the sick and needy!!
  13. threebrats46

    The soul crushing part about nursing

    I feel the same way. It breaks my heart! We had one 80 yr old lady on a vent who was blistering and leaking from her skin,the son refused to DNR her. When she finally passed,there was a code and of course she didnt make it and the son refused to accept it and had to be removed by security because he was begging the staff to save his mother.
  14. threebrats46

    I don't think I want to be a nurse anymore...how about RT?

    Much truth to that, if they ever have to budget cut,nurses are capable of taking over RTs role. I know in the past I have done RTs job along with my own!
  15. threebrats46

    I don't think I want to be a nurse anymore...how about RT?

    \ Some RT's are putting in PICC lines as well!
  16. threebrats46

    I don't think I want to be a nurse anymore...how about RT?

    Nursing deals with phlem,poop,vomit and then some!! The RT where I worked are very happy,most of the RNs were miserable. I found a diff career path as an RN and am much more happier with it--I'm in infusion and I just deal with that aspect of nursing--no wound care,changing pt..etc...