5 Months and no job

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    I'm a new grad lpn for about 5 months and still no job any advice? I have a family to support and can't do it, I'm lost right now. Thanksgiving is coming up and I can't put food on the table at this point going to have apply at fast joint or something because I have no income coming in. And it's taking a toll on my marriage. What to do

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    Honestly? Have your spouse read all the "I don't have a job" posts. You aren't alone. He/she needs to see how tight things are. The medical field isn't the recession proof place it was 10 years ago.
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    I can totally sympathize with what you are experiencing. I was really having tough time for four months.
    I just found one per diem position at a retirement home.

    I rewrote my resume, so that it will catch an attention of human resource people first. I included what my
    goal and passion is and what my strength is. I also made a list of all the facilities in the area and applied to each one of them.
    Some places prefer online application process, but there are some that still accept an application locally at the facility. If that's the case, you might want to go there. It will increase your chance of finding out the name of person in charge of hiring. You might want to ask them if they may take any volunteer on the floor. Take one day at a time and keep applying! Don't give up!
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    I am six months out of graduation and just secured my first full time position. I did work a little per diem in the beginning but I am surprised I even got those positions because they usually like to fill them with experienced nurses.
    I feel so blessed to finally have a job. I need money for school loans and to support my husband and I. Before I got this job I had applied to Starbucks thinking about how crazy I was going just sitting at home all day. Any money is better than no money. I worked at Target before graduating nursing school and I would have gone back there in a heartbeat if I was still looking for work. They are probably hiring seasonal staff right now, they are a great place to work for. Chances are once you take a job, any job, finding one will be so much easier. That’s how it was for me. A couple weeks after I started my per diem home health gig I got a call from a hospital to interview and accepted the job less than 24 hours later. I would say do what you have to do now to make money for your family. If you keep applying to nurses positions something is bound to come
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    At this point you need to take any job you can find, not just a nursing job. Bills are bills and money is money no matter job it comes from.

    You can be working while looking for your ideal job in nursing.
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    It takes an average of 6-9 months for BSN RN grads to get a job in my state, 9-14 for ADNs RNs.
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    Stay positive, keep looking and yes in mean time pick up any job that pays. Use resumes written for a specific job ex: when applying for mcdonalds job don't put nursing on it because you'd be "overqualified" and in mean time if you're in position of having to put food on table look into food pantries, food kitchens there's no shame in being hungry. good luck and keep looking.
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    Quote from SummitAP
    It takes an average of 6-9 months for BSN RN grads to get a job in my state, 9-14 for ADNs RNs.
    sad but true. landed my first gig 14 months after graduating. though i was only intensely looking every couple of months due to lack of motivation or depression and spurts of motivation. my spurt of motivation and finally landing a job was due to my savings ran out and i seriously needed money. and it worked! so if you really need it, you will get it some how!
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    Go in person and apply to every Health and Rehab Center in your area. Then follow up with the DON. I got a prn job at first but this is how I got my new full time job. Good Luck!
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    Why don't you get a job as a cna or something and work your way up, or make your resume great , and dress nice for any interviews.

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