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  1. Where did you find a job? I am looking now.
  2. anjresident

    No job, loss of skills...worried need advice.

    id like to read some advice as well. im in the same boat as you.
  3. anjresident

    Considering the correctional nursing specialty

    id like to know too! =)
  4. anjresident

    Advice on how to be more assertive

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to know if you guys know of any classes, training, books, CEs, etc on how to find my inner meanness. im new to correctionals and to nursing and trying to be more assertive when it comes to handling patients. not really being mean, but being more firm, etc. Any advice, tips, experience, etc? Thanks in advance!
  5. anjresident

    Correctional Nursing

    I agree with Jenfleck. There is no real worry about safety as there will always be a CO with you when you are caring for an IM. Like what she mentioned, it is the IM to worry about. They can be seem quite innocent but are manipulative. ex: IM with previous insulin med walks to the insulin line and ask for a PM snack. had said the day shift nurse told him he can still take a snack even though the order had been discontinued.
  6. anjresident

    CCHP certification exam

    Yea thats what i thogh. The information sheet didnt say anything about essays! Thanks!
  7. anjresident

    CCHP certification exam

    Thanks so much for the reply. I, too, enjoy reading policies and admin misc so it shouldnt be a hard read. I come to the conclusion I will sit for the exam as well even though it was a last minute decision. If i dont pass, at least I know how the exam is. I'm new into correctionals so I have been reading up all many books; with the cert, its an added bonus. Was debating whether or not to get the expensive books but decided i can use it for future reference- I cant wait to gain more knowledge and then more confidence. I do have one last question, that i read in other forums... are there 10 essay questions or are all m/c?
  8. anjresident

    certifications for corrections

    how was the exam? any advice? im thinking of taking it in a couple weeks but might hold off to sit down and study study. but the next date wont be a long time from now so i might just cramm. (wanna know as much as i can, why not get certified along the way, right?) thanks in advance.
  9. anjresident

    CCHP certification exam

    have you taken it? how was it? any advice? I am considering on taking the exam. thanks!
  10. anjresident

    5 Months and no job

    sad but true. landed my first gig 14 months after graduating. though i was only intensely looking every couple of months due to lack of motivation or depression and spurts of motivation. my spurt of motivation and finally landing a job was due to my savings ran out and i seriously needed money. and it worked! so if you really need it, you will get it some how!
  11. we would all like to know. if not, good luck on the job search. we can get through this!
  12. anjresident

    Correctional Nursing - can any one tell me about it

    just like previous comments, go to umdnj's employment website. im guessing, that umdnj handles the bulk of correctional nursing in nj. Current Openings under facilities, university correctional health care
  13. anjresident

    Correctional Nursing - can any one tell me about it

    thanks NJPrison. That's exciting news as i got a second shift position. I thought it was going to just be $25.
  14. anjresident

    Correctional Nursing - can any one tell me about it

    any new updates? I will be working as a correctionals nurse in a couple of weeks myself. I would like to know the different pay wages in NJ, if anyone can share theirs, that would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Hey. I will just let you know, I would rather go to a 4 year to get a BSN. Ive been unemployed now for almost a year with a ADN and I have a pretty decent looking resume. put enrolled in a BSN in my resume and finally started getting call backs. Everyone is pushing for BSN nowadays, look at NY. there making it a standard. unless you have prior experience in the field like LPN or CNA, a bachelor's from some other major or you know someone, then sure, middlesex is a fine school to go to.
  16. anjresident

    Question about Jobs in NJ.

    any new information from you guys about the job search? any luck? any advice for me? im in the same position..