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  1. Bigmaine33

    LPN to RN NYC

    Does anyone know of a LPN to RN bridge program in nyc besides Helene Fuld? Im ready to move forward but need some help finding a good program. Thanks!
  2. Bigmaine33

    I hate it

    I mean if a pt is on droplet isolation they should be confined to there room or wear a mask, people go in out of the rims without wearing gloves then come back and get on the computer. It's a mess. I don't practice like that. That's what I mean, I don't want to bring nothing home. Even after I wipe down the computers they do it again.
  3. Bigmaine33

    I hate it

    Hi everyone, I've been working in LTC for 2 months and I hate it. It's not a safe envoi rent to work in and I want to quit. I've been out of work for so long I'm afraid to lose the income. My second week there I got sick because they don't practice standard precautions. Need advice.
  4. Bigmaine33

    Am I the only one?!

    Hi RNitis, First off, thanks for the words of encouragement it was really heart felt. I'm still trying to find employment. How are things going for you?
  5. Bigmaine33

    New Grad looking for work in the 5 Boroughs

    First off congrats!! The starting salary is around 24 -26 hr. Good luck, if you find a facilty that is hiring let me know. Look up this agency Promed Personell they hire lpn's to due flu shots it may help you gain some experience.
  6. Bigmaine33

    Stressed and Depressed

    Im so sorry i know how you feel its been 3 months for me and broke isnt the word. I mean we just have to hang in there. I was a full time cna when i started.school i cut my hours to go to school full time thinking it was the right sacrifice. Now there is a freeze in my hospital so i cant get my fulltime back the situation is causing a strain on my marriage ive been so down and out im behind three months on all my bills i dont know wha to do im been praying alot asking for help ive sent over 100 applications in but i jear the same thing 1 year exp and they dont count my 7 years.as a cna. Just keep praying Good luck
  7. Bigmaine33

    PearsonVue Trick?

    I took it the first time failed,.it allowed me to re register the secomd time i passed didnt let me re register Good luck
  8. Bigmaine33


    Laura ur not a failure, u just was.t comfortable i mean it happens they couldve given u at least 3 more days but thats how it goes. My advice is go with the flow on ur next Job u cant afford mot be working most places give u a week then ur on your own. Good luck and god bless
  9. Bigmaine33


    Spunkyk i feel u 100% i mean to have so much knowledge and not be able to use is crazy, mind you i have 7 years as a cna but it doesnt count on a med surge floor. I been trained by Good rn's its so sad.
  10. Bigmaine33


    Ill take it! Sorry u quit, why?
  11. Bigmaine33


    Its been three months and i still cant find a Job. I am so broke its not even funny this was not part of the of the plan. when i decided to go to school for nursing i was sure this was what i was meant to do, i mean it came natural to me, after countless nights of styding remind you my course was 16 months i thought i would be on my way by Now was i so wrong. I went through so many hurdles jist to be a nurse and Now not to able to find a Job is jeart breaking.
  12. Bigmaine33

    nursing resume

    Ive been a nurse for about months Now with no Job, mind you i have 7 years as a cna. Do you think it would be in my best intrest to have a professional resume done? My aunt has been a nursr for 35 years and she said thats what i should do, just very tight for money right now
  13. Bigmaine33

    Any New Grads in NYC

    I have no problem dong that but the ones i contacted white glove staff blue etc said at least 8 months but ill keep trying thanks
  14. Bigmaine33

    New LPN & Can't get a job

    Where do you get iv cert
  15. Bigmaine33

    Any New Grads in NYC

    Thanks for the reply i thought it was just me having no luck. Ive been a cna for 7 year and it doesnt count. Trying really hard. Wat school did you go to
  16. Bigmaine33

    Nobody told me that after graduation...

    I understand how you feel im a lpn in nyc and I cant find a job also a cna with 7 years experience on 36 bed med/ surge floor. Im we have stay positive and keep striving. You should try ny there are jobs if you have a bsn they hire every week at my hospital just not lpn because there magnet

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