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  1. sheliapntr2012

    5 Months and no job

    Go in person and apply to every Health and Rehab Center in your area. Then follow up with the DON. I got a prn job at first but this is how I got my new full time job. Good Luck!
  2. sheliapntr2012

    When Nurses Cry

    I am a new nurse working in a Health and Rehab Center. I have often cried at he death of a resident or at the aching in their hearts to "go home". It breaks my heart to see the ones that never get a visit and to see the ones who have come to accept they are there for the long haul and have given up. So, you see I sometimes cry at the heartache I see. My fellow nursing friends who have been doing this for years tell me I need to toughen up but I dont think I want to toughen up. I am afraid I will get cold hearted if I do. What do you think?