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Scarlettz has 8 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Med Surg ICU step-down, Psych.

Medical-Surgical and Psychiatric nurse

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  1. I am not sure if anyone has come across this, but I signed a two year contract and received a 15K sign-on bonus. When I applied and got the job it was under a different company. About 5 months into the job, another company took over the old company. ...
  2. Scarlettz

    PCCN Tips?

    I liked her books. The study guide was a fast and easy read. It was my main study book and passed the test with a score of 86. I read each chapter multiple times. I made up practice quizzes for each chapter. Wrote down the most important facts. Drew ...
  3. Scarlettz

    Cartersville Medical Center

    Can anyone tell me about this facility? Pay? Atmosphere? Is it hard to get hired here? Interview process? Orientation for new hires. Anything! How about some of the surrounding hospitals? Also looking into Wellstar at Hiram or Marietta, Tanner.
  4. Scarlettz

    Passed the PCCN 8/30/2020

    I recently just passed my PCCN. My main study book was Nicole Kupchick Ace the PCCN study guide. I read all the chapters multiple times for about 3 months. Pages were literally falling out of the book. I did supplement a little bit with a binder my n...
  5. Scarlettz

    PCCN Tips?

    I started studying at the end of August. I probably studied about 3 hours per week for 2 months. I sort of wish I scheduled my test sooner because on month three I have not been studying much at all. Part of it is because I picked up extra shifts at ...
  6. Scarlettz

    11 pm to 7 am shifts

    Did you have to do lab draws?
  7. Scarlettz

    11 pm to 7 am shifts

    Does anyone work psych 11 pm to 7 am shift? I used to work psych 8 pm to 8am a few years back. I was just curious as to what you were responsibe during this time? Do you do the morning med pass or is that for the day shift? I just applied for a pt ni...
  8. Scarlettz

    Midwestern State University PMHNP program

    I got accepted! Still hoping someone replies to this post who went through the program.
  9. Scarlettz

    bedside report

    I don't mind doing bedside report. It seems like the patients like to interact with the nurses during this time. And if there is a question about something coming in, you can ask the off going nurse. As a previous poster mentioned, I do dislike givin...
  10. Is anyone in this program or graduated from this program? I am interesting in learning more about your experience. Thank you.
  11. Scarlettz

    omg I forgot to give report!

    I forgot to give report before, too. I didn't get too far before I remembered and called the nurse to give report via the telephone. Luckily she was an easy going nurse! On the flipside, I had a nurse forget to give me report before. I tried to call ...
  12. Scarlettz

    omg I forgot to give report!

    I once forgot to return a PO Ativan that a patient changed her mind about to the pyxis. I went home and discovered that it was still in there! I freaked out and went straight back to the hospital (luckily only 5 mins away.) The nurses all the day shi...
  13. Scarlettz

    Brand new nurse already OVERWHELMED and panicking

    I moved away for my first nursing job -- across the country. So, I know how lonely and stressful it can be. I began an exercise routine when I first started out my nursing job. I swam, walked, went to the gym. Not only did I lose weight and feel more...
  14. Scarlettz

    Nursing pay in Lubbock

    Does anyone know how much nurses are paid at UMC and Covenant hospitals? I have 4 years nursing experience.
  15. Scarlettz

    Switched to Psych, HELP!

    I sort of just searched online or read old nursing material/books on psych. I did buy one psych book that was purely about medications. Here are some medications that I give often and are worth reading up on: Seroquel, Zyprexa, Risperdal, Depakot...