Company changed-- will I need to pay signon bonus back?


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I am not sure if anyone has come across this, but I signed a two year contract and received a 15K sign-on bonus. When I applied and got the job it was under a different company. About 5 months into the job, another company took over the old company. .

I really dislike this job and I never said this about a previous nursing job before. It makes me sick to go there. I've considered transferring to another unit but I don't think it will be any better considering the atmosphere of the hospital. 

Anyway, would I be expected to pay back the bonus - even though another company took over? 

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Anyway, would I be expected to pay back the bonus - even though another company took over? 

In my lay opinion, yes, you would likely be expected to repay the bonus if you leave early.  However, if you are seriously considering leaving you should consider consulting an attorney.  He or she could review the contract and best advise you how to proceed.

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Probably. Think about ... if the old company owed you something, you'd be expecting that detail. Just the roles have been reversed here.

As commented, get a lawyer to review your contract. Those companies with the contracts usually have had their own teams of legal eagles develop those strong contracts.

Good luck to you.

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When a new company comes in, they usually negotiate with the old company these details.  Think about buying a house and having to pay prorated amounts for taxes or fuel.  I believe it would be the same.  The new company would want the money owed.  Just one persons thoughts.