let go on first day because of OSHA :(

  1. I was just hired for my first RN job in pediatric office. Today was my first day! I was soo excited and my family was so proud of me. I had so many people congratulate me for my job offer this weekend and wished me luck. I went in and filled out all of the dreadful paperwork. Then the nurse supervisor and I went over the employee handbook and gave me a tour of the facility while introducing me to everyone as the new nurse. We also went over OSHA. After this, she gave me two quizzes. One quiz was on TB which I got 100% on. The other quiz was on OSHA. I got the first question wrong which was about something I've never heard of. It had something to do with which one doesn't involve OSHA and the answer was CLIA. I've never heard of that term and the supervisor even said being I'm a new nurse I've probably never heard of those terms. The second question I got wrong I didn't understand but after she reviewed why I got it wrong, I realized I read the question wrong and explained that.

    Then I was sent to read over materials and then was sent on an hour lunch. When I came back, I was told that the nursing manager needed to talk to me. I was informed that I didn't pass the OSHA quiz based on their standards and was told I couldn't be employed. They said I needed more education and I would be a liability to them to hire me. Is this ok?? I was heartbroken, my family was heartbroken, and I feel like I got screwed over.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Hunh?? Sounds totally weird. Gotta be more to the story.
  4. by   Ashley3H12
    No.. Actually there is not more to the story.. So then you are agreeing by saying its not right? Yeah like I said I got screwed over.
  5. by   nurse671
    That's really weird!!!!
  6. by   HouTx
    Huh - so they thought that a new nurse should automatically know all about lab regulations (CLIA) and workplace safety (OSHA) even though it is not part of nursing scope of practice or included in your nursing education??? Did they ever consider the fact that new new hires need to be oriented/trained on all the job-specific stuff?

    Sounds like you had a lucky escape. This is obviously not a good working environment. If they keep this up, they are eventually going to be sued for using such an arbitrary "test" as a basis for termination. It's really ironic - they expect new hires to understand all the esoteric regulations that affect their office practice, but the manager is apparently not in compliance with (extremely clear) FEDERAL employment laws - go figure.
  7. by   TheCommuter
    In 15 years of working in various nursing and non-nursing jobs, I have never been tested on anything related to OSHA. Keep in mind that I worked in a paper products factory for three years where OSHA compliance was absolutely necessary due to the dangerous environment.

    Although I do not know the whole story, something just isn't right.
  8. by   mazy
    That is weird. I've had jobs where I was tested on OSHA, but I got to keep the booklet and look up the answers while doing the test. They just wanted us to be able to say we had read the information. Usually the test was about 20 questions though.
  9. by   Sparrowhawk
    What the ****??? That is all twisted man
  10. by   Despareux
    Sorry, but I don't buy it. There must be something more to your story.
  11. by   Ashley3H12
    Thanks everyone. And yes I wish there was more to the story that I could tell you. However that is the story.. Sounds made up but it's sadly not. They did ask me if I learned OSHA in nursing school. I said I've heard of the term and probably went over it but nothing in great detail. The nurse manager found this weird and continued to say I needed to have more education because I would need to know this stuff no matter where I went. Oh well.. On to find something else I guess.
  12. by   proud nurse
    Something definitely sounds funky. If these tests were so important, and they had such high standards for them and employment was contingent upon passing them why didn't they test you earlier, like in the interview? Instead of hiring you, then letting you go?
  13. by   Guttercat
    There's more to the story, but only they know what it is.

    For some reason or another they didn't want you in that office. It could be as simple as someone else they'd been wanting to hire for some time, decided they wanted to work there after all, and so you got bumped. Yes, they can probably get away with doing that, especially when it comes to probationary, new hires.

    All that paperwork you filled out in the morning of your first day. Do you recall signing a piece of paper stating they can terminate your employment at any time for any reason and without notice?

    Or, maybe they found some incongruities in your resume.

    Who knows? Speculating won't do any good.

    I'm really sorry for the disappointment. That just stinks.
  14. by   Ashley3H12
    Yes I'm aware they can terminate me as they please. It was just bizarre the way they did it. There is definitely more to the story on their side. Just wish they would have told me.