job offer--can I ask this?

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    Hello all, just wanted to get some opinions on this. We all know what it's like working holidays, I thought fellow nurses would be good people to ask.

    I have been a nurse for 6 years. I am expecting a job offer with a health system I am not currently a part of but a)I have several hundred dollar hockey tickets for a Saturday and in March and b) also I have a paid vacation planned for 7 days in September (Sunday to Sunday). At the job I think I might get an offer for (fingers crossed) I would work two 8s and two 12s and every other weekend. If HR calls me with an offer, is it reasonable to inform them I would need these dates off? Is that typical with starting a new job? I'm not a new grad (back then I would have cancelled a vacation just to get my foot in the door), so I've never been in this situation before. I should have enough paid time off accrued by cover these dates, but is it rude to go in already mentioning days off you need?

    thanks for any insight!
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    Yes, that is very reasonable.
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    i think that it is reasonable, did similar with the upcoming wedding of younger daughter
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    absolutely... I've done this with non-nursing jobs, and they appreciated the up front info
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    Yep, as soon as the offer is given, that's when you let them know about time off. I was offered a new job in August and had a 2-week trip to Turkey already planned for November. It wasn't a problem.
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    I would suggest getting it in writing.
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    The hiring manager usually even asks!
    It's called a pre - employment agreement. You are a professional, need to be treated as such.
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    Yes if you are offered the position I would let them know that you will need to have those dates off. Good luck with the new position!
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    I agree with everyone: let them know upfront that you need this time off so they can plan for it. However, depending on your facility's HR policies as to when your PTO kicks in, be prepared to take some/all of these days off as unpaid.
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    I've done what you describe, and it's never caused the job offer to be rescinded.
    Asking for an agreement in writing? I'm not so sure about that. It would definitely take care of any questions that would arise, when the days promised rolled around. On the other hand, it might appear you don't trust the word of your new employer.
    Congrats on the new job.
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