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    I just wanted to get your opinions about what areas of nursing I should consider going into. I'm worried about situations where I would maybe see the same patints on a daily basis and I don't want to get too emotionaly attatched with my patients. My Mom worries about me going into Nursing. She says I'm too soft hearted. I can't wait to start school(jan. 2005). I figured that when we do clinical rotations I will know more what direction I'm headed in. Anyhoo, thx for any and all replies/ advice.

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    L&D is an option. You'll seldom see patients for more than one shift, though I think you'll still become attached. You might also consider the OR, ER, any type of clinic. Heck, even on most med-surg floors you won't see people for more than a few weeks tops.
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    Because of the real time nature of the BB; it is impossible to get the answers when we would like (like now for many).

    Sorry, I do not have a suggestion; you may want to try the Nursing Student Forum.

    Great Minds Think Alike (GMTA) and they are in the same boat as you.
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    Med Surg comes to my mind. Wait till clinicals to see which unit you like.
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    that's difficult for me to answer because one of the qualities that has served me so well in nursing, is my emotional sensitivity to my patients....not to be confused as attachment but i have cried and laughed with many a pt....
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    earle58, that's me too!

    I'm very soft hearted--I shepard spiders who are where they shouldn't be (like the shower stall) for pity's sake!

    I really enjoy my patients, and I can't say I get "attached" (and I think OP that you may mean something a little different too....), but I do form rapport with them. I like them, they like me, and we are working together with a common goal. We usually enjoy working together, too.

    But the biggest part of our goal is to get them out of the hospital and back to the world, because that's where life is.

    I wouldn't worry too much about getting attached to your patients. I suspect you will make a terrific nurse.... Get your mom to join our ranks too!

    Best of luck!
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    During nursing school, I did become emotionally attached to a resident in the nursing home. She was a sweet lady and my first patient ever. Every week, I would stay after clinical and visit with her a while and because she was lonely. A lot of nursing home patients are lonely. She could not walk anymore and after about the fifth week, I came in for clinicals and she had a broken arm. They said she tried to climb out of bed and fell. I was very angry. She was in a lot of pain. My clinical instructor listened to me and understood my anger and reminded me that what was most important was that I gave her the best care possible. Over Thanksgiving break, she died. I cried when I heard that. This response was a surprise, even to myself.
    I still cry when I have a patient that passes away especially if I have had them for several shifts. The more I get to know the family the more it affects me. Although now, it is not because I'm emotionally attached, its because of the appreciation I have for human life and compassion for those left behind to grieve.
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    Maybe i shouldn't have used the term "emotional attachment" , but couldn't think of better way to put it at the time. I'm just a little worried about being in a situation where I have taken care of someone and gotten to know the family and then the patient passes. Gator, bless you, your post is exactly what i'm talking about.I know for sure that I could not work in LTC setting. I appreciate all replys, I'm sure I'll find a place where I'm needed and can do a good job without too much heartache.........just want to help make others lives better by being there for them and being a good nurse.
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    Yeah, LTC facilities and chronic care settings are a couple places you may want to avoid.

    ER and OR are a couple where you may want to look at.

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