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I need some help. I just joined the site. I am working as a radiology nurse in small imaging facility. Its been a great job. Unfortunately we are shutting our doors 12/2013. I am worried sick. I live... Read More

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    I'm sorry you are facing this...I can only offer this: Home health, hospice, Md offices, health department, jobs sites, and don't rule out the hospitals around you - not every job is shift work or on the floor, look for case management and since you have radiology skills perhaps look to that dept. I would apply to any job that is close to what you want - even if it's not specifically for an RN. Also, MD offices do not always advertise in the paper so check the job sites or contact the offices directly. School nursing is another option, look for positions on your states job listings and also www.usajobs.gov. Also, agency may be another way to go - private duty is huge in my area through agencies, especially for peds and like others have said..network, network, network. I know..its depressing and exhausting but if you have to work and can't draw unemployment then you are limited in options..the good thing is you have approx. 9 months so there is time.

    Good luck -

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    I hear you! Unfortunately, nursing homes are no longer cushy little jobs pushing a med cart and are really considered a specialty. It takes a long time to orient even an experienced nurse to all the paper compliance, regulations, and skilled documentation required. The nurse/patient ratio is also 1:16 or more on days and even more on 3-11 and nights. When I tell that to prospective candidates who have no LTC experience, they run screaming from the front door. I am 56 years old myself and the reason why I don't leave the nursing home is because I know I wouldn't be hired in any other specialty-mostly due to age. Unfortunate fact of life, but the one thing I DID do was take a legal nurse consulting course and now I have built up a clientele of attorneys who utilize me and my expertise in LTC to review cases. Not enough income to support my lifestyle but it pays for 4 vacations a year plus some nice little extras once in a while. Lots of online courses and there IS a call for nurses with your expertise. Also look into joining your local chapter of AALNC and network with other nurses who are practicing legal nurse consultants. That's how I got started. Good luck and let us know how you make out!
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    Home health?? I took a job (PRN) going into home taking care of a teen-ager with spinal cord injury, is ventilator dependent. He has his main nurse who is in her 50's maybe? And a few PRN people to give her some days off. She is wonderful. Something like that...can go to care.com to apply/look for jobs like this.
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    Just wanted to send positive vibes your way!

    Experienced nurses cost a lot of money... and of course, it is all about the bottom line.
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    I have no advice. I have a job, but go to work every day mildly anxious that my employer will manufacture a reason to let me go. It's so scary to be 50 in nursing.
    Good luck to all of you looking for jobs.

    --------------> positive vibes from me too!
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    Quote from imintrouble
    I It's so scary to be 50 in nursing.
    You can say THAT again!!!
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    OH goodness the boat keeps getting bigger and bigger. I am 57 and was laid off following years of healthcare experienced. Cant return to college as I DID that when I was 45 yrs old. Earned my RN at 50 yrs old. Still another 5 yrs of the FIRST student loans to pay for. LTC is plan frightening when the ratio is 35/1. (Been there done that)
    I feel too old to start over... AGAIN.. and too young too.
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    Try going to your local board of education and get on the sub list as a school nurse. My district always needs subs and they don't require any special certifications to just sub. Worth a try!
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    I'm 51 and its not my age holding me back, its my education level. I'm starting my RN-BSN in a few weeks. FYI- Certified home care is a specialty and it takes a good year to be good at it. Private duty (home care) is probably your best bet.
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    I'm lucky that at 62 my profession actually values a few grey hairs overlying the leetle grey cells. However, it took me a long time to get the expertise to get me to that happy place.

    Have you thought about free-standing surgery centers, aesthetic nursing (laser hair removal in a skin care clinic or MD office), mammography centers, big ortho practices (most have their own x-ray facilities), big urology practices (many office procedures, like urodynamics), pain management (fluoroscopy-aided injections)?
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