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Ok,just want some opinions. I am Rn,I've been a nurse for 9 years. But I just want to attend a lingerie party in April. Do you think it would be sort of disrepecting my profession if I I wore a sexy nurses outfit? In the... Read More

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    Two questions, as a male or "murse" as earlier described:

    1.) Would it be disrespectful for me to wear a "sexy nurse" outfit?

    2.) Why do I never get invited to lingerie parties?
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    Well that's different then. It's a "I want to let everyone know that I want to pick-up ANY random guy (or girl, to be fair) affair. Are you quite understanding what kind of people go to those things?

    I thought it was one of those parties you go to at a friend's home where a friend is making a little extra money selling something, eg champaign and chocolate type of thing along with lingerie..
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    Personally, I wouldn't because our professional identity to our society is struggling as it is. How can we be taken seriously as healthcare professionals when we add to the stereotype every Halloween. How often do you see sexy male doctors coming to the party. Tell the sexy teachers, nuns, housekeepers and secretaries hello for me.
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    That's what I was picturing too.
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    Do whatever you want! I think that an actual nurse wearing a sexy nurse outfit is 100% better than a non-nurse wearing one!
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    ...I meant the drink not the town.
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    Quote from GrnTea

    The difference is that if you ask: Do firefighters who respond to fires ever have the people they rescue come on to them and assume they're sex bombs? Do nurses in hospitals ever have patients and families (who may not have the aforementioned brainpower) make lewd comments and assume they're available?

    I'm with IIg-- live your values. Have fun, but be the change you want to see in the world. There are enough degrading images of nursing making those nutballs think they're right about us already.
    I have a firefighter as a friend, and he does in fact get hit on after some calls
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    Quote from tots24
    Do whatever you want! I think that an actual nurse wearing a sexy nurse outfit is 100% better than a non-nurse wearing one!
    At first, I was nodding my head in agreement, being one who owns a naughty nurse outfit. But then I thought, wait a minute, I have a cop one too lol. But as I previously stated, I only wear my outfits in the bedroom.
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    Offensive? No on your time do and wear what you want to and do not worry about people on a message board. I am much more concerned about our profession getting on the same page about education and entry points to practice. I am much more interested in the DNP argument or NPs having independent practice. Almost every profession has disrespectful costumes.
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    If it is, I have disrespected Buzz lightyear, cowboys, james bond and many other noble professions. Seriously, have fun with it, who cares.
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