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  1. First Job Landed - Need Financial Advice About It

    I believe you can only be on your parents benefits if you aren't eligible for benefits on your own.
  2. My Nursing Future

    Keep it active. It is tough with kids, but you can do it!
  3. I hate my job (vent)

    I started in LTC and SAR, as a new nurse, it is very tough. I would consider trying to get in an acute care environment after you get a year under your belt. I understand what you are saying about making friends. I am guessing you mean just a frie...
  4. Question

    I would save your time and money. Get one nclex book, set of cards, whatever, when you start your first nursing course. Good luck.
  5. New nurse, feeling discouraged. Please help!

    Oh, honey, it will get better. I still make an occasional mistake, and I have cried from time to time. Try to step back, and give yourself some time - maybe three months, and then do a self evaluation. You need at least a year to feel competent. ...
  6. Medical Spanish

    Thanks for the tips. I am going to do some research today.
  7. Do you "tell" Facebook where you work?

    My fb profile identifies me as an RN, and gives a city- but I make no mention of my company. I never post specifics- I have found out after the fact that 1 of my patients was a relative of a fb friend when she posted a link to pt obit. Too risky. ...
  8. New Nurse Woes

    Sometimes being the new kid on the block is tough. Sometimes you get good criticism. Sometimes you get bullied. Just stay calm and survive that moment. Smile and stay professional. Later reflect on the issue. Usually there is something positiv...
  9. Texting While Working

    My phone stays in my locker at work. I think it looks unprofessional when there are cell phones all over the nursing station. And, from an infection control perspective....yuck!
  10. Obnoxious Doctors

    95-98% of the doctors I work with are great. But, man, that one meanie can ruin your shift. I have one grouch who always gives me hell when I call at night. I only call for the things that must be addressed right then. Last time the greeting I go...
  11. Medical Spanish

    Hi. Does anyone have any suggestions for a med Spanish course? Our translator phones are in short supply and my 20 year old high school Spanish is a little too rusty!
  12. LTC/SAR is a very skilled position that many nurses love and do it forever. I spent my first 2 1/2 years in LTC facilities. But, depending on your market, you can get stuck as a nursing home nurse. I did not want five 8 hour shifts and I wanted to tr...
  13. Engagement/Wedding Bands

    I never wear my wedding ring at work - yuck! I tried and my skin got funky under the ring.
  14. Confusing shoe restrictions!

    Nursemates "dove" model meet your school requirements and are comfy. Not very stylish - but my feet are happy when I wear them.
  15. Forgetting to waste meds in pyxis

    I would just start wasting in pyxis from this point forward.