What can get you fired??

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    Hi everyone,
    I'm a nursing student and would like to ask the nurses here, the "hospital policy".
    I'm doing a poster board for the class and came up with just a few. I'd really appreciate all your inputs.

    -documentation error
    -not storing needles in sharp container box
    -medication mix up
    Thanks so much!

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    HIPAA violation
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    None of those things would necessarily get you fired. Mistakes happen, people are human, most employers understand that (unless it was something that happened repeatedly).

    The things that are more likely to get you fired are the things nurses KNOWINGLY do:

    Abandonment of patients
    Diverting narcotics
    Intoxication while at work
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    Honestly, in an "at will" state, any/every mistake or error can POSSIBLY get you fired.
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    Let's add: false documentation, especially if used to cover up after a patient incident.
    Not showing up for work without calling in. (usually tolerated if a first offense or rare occurence).
    Not keeping current with required certifications and competencies.(lost a nurse recently this way)
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    If The ADON or DON doesn't like you or your response to his/her bulljunk!
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    The number one reason employees (in all fields) get terminated:

    Attendance/tardiness issues.


    It's completely objective. Time is what it is. There is no gray area or individual personal interpretation.
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    Punching your DON in the face and knocking one of his teeth out.

    (a former coworker of mine actually did this, rather recently in fact)
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    One of my ED co-workers was fired for falling alseep while giving concious sedation (she was standing up!). She was working two full-time 7p-7a jobs.
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    Anything can get your fired. So can nothing at all, especially if you live an "employment at will" state.

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