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LPN*PRN has 12 years experience.

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  1. LPN*PRN

    Dating someone from within ???

    I did meet my husband at work. I gave him a hard time at first, ya know, the I don't date my co-workers deal? So far, so good! Just keep everything professional.
  2. LPN*PRN

    Nurses sound off! Steth belt clip or around the neck?

    I keep my stethoscope in my pocket.
  3. LPN*PRN

    I am sad, I am numb, am I burned out?

    Hugs to you))). A coworker of mine killed himself a few years ago. Everyone was shocked and saddened.
  4. LPN*PRN

    Burnng out of nursing...

    Your Hubby, Can he work more hours at his job while you look for another job? You should not have to suffer. I hope things work out for you.
  5. LPN*PRN

    LVN before RN? Should I? Help!

    I am an LPN and I think you should go for RN if you don't have to wait very long to get into an RN program. If you must wait, getting your LPN while you do would be benificial.