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    I have to say, just a year and a half into my career I have really really had it with nursing.

    I'm sick of management dinging me for everything they possibly can for nothing, I'm sick of lazy nursing assistants who feel its my job to do my job and half theirs too (and I get in trouble if I don't), patient's nasty and abusive attitudes, being over worked, no lunch or break, having to watch my back constantly, other nurses nasty attitudes... I could go on and on but I had to vent a little. lol.

    I don't have my bachelors yet, so I know I'm stuck for now. But I always hear about nursing getting out of bed side but other than management I don't hear much specifics about what is out there. I've done a little research but its hard to know where to start. Its the only way in the long run I won't get out of nursing all togather, I don't want to waste my hard earned degree.

    Any idea would be appreciated.

    And sorry for the rant. hehe

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    You could work somewhere like in surgery or procedures where you wouldn't have to deal with most of that nonsense, plus have a relatively normal schedule. Case management is a possibility, but depending on where you are, you may need a couple more years experience. You could maybe try float nursing until then so you wouldn't have to get stuck in one area long enough for to have management on your back all the time.
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    Thanks. Case management does seem like a perfect fit.

    Getting out of bed side is probably realistically a longer term goal right now, within 3 or 4 years would be nice.
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    How about school nursing, substance abuse, home health, hospice? There are so many different options. I felt the same as you until I found a job in bedside that I really love. I now work in Mother/baby. It has it's ups and downs like any job but the pros outweigh the cons. Much luck to you.
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    I'm a psych nurse which is never dull! Although there are lazy people. I have gotten called so many nasty names that nothing bothers me any longer I was thinking of switching specialties because my county job is being eliminated. Hospice sounds interesting to me. MDS coordinator doesn't really have a lot of hands on pt/cna contact. Corrections would be another good one. No family members, no service with a smile, etc... Keep us posted as I'll be looking within the next year.
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    You could go into research nursing.

    There is still a little patient interaction involved (ie hanging up a drip on subject, pre/post med vitals) But a great deal of it is paperwork/administrative duties

    Based on your experience and schooling, its possible to get into that. Although they may want a BSN
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    You can teach vocational nurses?

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    Sounds like the OP is yet another victim of poor management. <shaking head and sighing deeply>

    Bedside nursing should not be a horrible job. Decent (skilled, knowledgeable, motivated, ethical, etc) management makes all the difference.
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    I love bedside nursing! But then again, I have awesome coworkers and great management. New grad only off orientation a couple weeks and loving it!
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    I've been a ER nurse for 7 years!! I'm burnt out and only 30 yrs old. What I am really sick of is the management and 1% increase in salary a year. They management only cares about the pt satisfaction rates. They don't care about the nurses or techs. It's crap!! On a good note. Flight nursing is a lot of fun and exciting!! I am looking now into case management
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