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  1. mhy12784

    Leaving the OR/management for a major icu

    Well the higher expectations wasn't really because I was a manager, I'm well aware that most are out of touch and clueless. I more anticipated higher expectations because I'm an experienced nurse with 5 + years under his belt who will be a notch above a new graduate
  2. I've worked ONLY as an operating room nurse/coordinator/manager for 5 + years, never having done bedside nursing. Later this month I will be leaving the OR to take a job in a level 1 trauma center high acuity major ICU as a beside ICU nurse. Obviously this is going to be a challenge as I'm effectively going to be the equivalent of a new grad RN, but expectations will be substantially higher for me because I have 5 years nursing experience and was previously a nurse manager. I know I'll have some unique strengths (communication, confidence Er sorta, comfort with patients) but clinically/skills wise and expectations will be working significantly against me. Any suggestions or advice? How can I maximize my chances for success
  3. What's the justification for having surround speakers in a room? Is there anything other than just for staff pleasure?
  4. Basically I have a fairly significant amount of influence in designing two new operating rooms in my OR, which will primarily be doing robotic/laparscopic cases. What are somethings I could ask for that you find as significantly improving your quality of life as a nurse in an OR doing these kinds of cases? Space is at a premium so I'm looking for novel ideas to make these rooms as enjoyable as possible for the staff doing the cases. So far the best thing I was able to get was wall mounted slave monitor TVs. What are some other great products/room design ideas to make life better as a nurse?
  5. mhy12784

    What chloraprep does everyone use?

    Well I didn't mean blotting towels even though I said it. More like towels to shove under the sides of the patient to catch drippage so it doesn't pool under the patient and be an extreme fire hazard
  6. mhy12784

    What chloraprep does everyone use?

    Well we have the sticks as certain specialities use it. I was just wondering if there was any creative products out there for chloraprep not just sticks. Maybe a chloraprep kit similar to the betadine kits. With gloves and blotting towels all included. Or anything else creative and innovative Google didn't give me the results I wanted (was typing this the same time as the post above) All of our betadine kits come with nice nitrile gloves that basically everybody can fit in
  7. My hospital uses mostly betadine still, but we're trying to get everybody to use chloraprep. Other than the regular sticks, does anyone use anything else chloraprep wise for general surgery preps? I figured if we made it as simple as possible it would increase compliance and make the transition smoother. It doesn't make sense to me how none of our chloraprep products include gloves which adds an extra step for the nurse
  8. mhy12784

    Roller board vs slider

    My hospitals roller boards don't support bariatric patients, but our slider boards do. So I don't think one or the other is preferable for heavier patients. I imagine they likely make both for larger patients
  9. mhy12784

    Securing arms during steel reverse trendelenberd

    We never tuck at all Do you use eggcrate or foam when positioning any/most surgical cases? Or is that another bizarre habit of my facility, we use foam for everything
  10. In the last few weeks my organization has two arm/ulnar injuries after cases where the patient was in very steep reverse trendelenberd. Our current process involves using velcro and wrapping the arms in kerlix (on top of egg crate on the arm boards) for these cases. Does anyone do anything better or use products / positioning devices designed to avoid these problems?
  11. Have my first interview this week to be an operating room nurse manager. Any advice/suggestions as to what they might want to talk about or what I should bring up? And much more concerning is apparently they do a panel interview with the staff, and I'm far more worried about them asking clinical/clinical scenario questions I only have 4 years of operating room experience so I'm definitely on the lower end of the experience spectrum manager wise Appreciate any advice!
  12. mhy12784

    Circulator Presence on Induction?

    Ive never seen a circulator leave the room during induction (unless theyre asked to get a glidescope or something for anesthesia) But when a CRNA is inducing there is always an anesthesiologist next to them as well. Sometimes they will not need the circulator as a 3rd set of hands (easy airways etc). But most of the time the circulator is right there with them. I forget that in NY laws are different, as a CRNA always needs to have an anesthesiologist physically in the room with them for induction. Presumably in other cases this isnt the case
  13. mhy12784

    Robotics or Cardiothoracic

    I do a ton of robotics and thoracic (just thoracic we don't have open heart ). My personal favorite is thoracic robots though,, they're awesome cases to learn and participate in. My hospital actually uses robotics as a crutch to train new nurses as all our robotic cases have two circulator nurses, so management figures might as well put the new person who doesn't know anything as the second nurse.
  14. mhy12784

    Wire or cord management in the OR?

    We have those as well. But the issue with them (according to management) is you have to rip them up and change them out after every case. So if you're in a room with several cases it ends up being a nice sentiment but an infection control issue. And for some reason the system that just took over our hospital has a rule that no wires can be on the floor. So I don't think those orange strips would be in compliance
  15. Does anyone have any creative products or solutions they could recommend for wire/cord/cable management? We had a nurse get injured the other day and I'm trying to improve the sloppy practices at my facility
  16. Basically I love the hospital I work at and would "prefer" to stay there. I am technically an ANM/Coordinator, and got a job offer elsewhere as OR manager. We are entrenched at the position so im thinking about asking them to come up with a new position for me, but I dont know what ? Basically im trying to get more responsibilities than an ANM but the role of Nurse Manager is taken. Any suggestions or ideas for what other specialties/options I have available? Im interested in climbing the ranks so I want to learn as many skills/knowledge as I can and think im valuable enough to my organization that they would listen if I suggested something. Weird question i know, but im all about that growth !

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