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  1. floridaRN38

    The worst job you had before becoming a Nurse?

    Waitress at an fancy retirement place The people would come down to the dining hall. Rudest people ever!! Never be rude to a server. They handle your food
  2. floridaRN38

    Endo nurse surgery center

    I am an ER nurse now my question is have any of you ever worked for an endovascular surgeon outpatient center pros and cons thank you
  3. floridaRN38

    If you had a reset button, would you choose nursing again?

    I wouldn't change it. Been an ER nurse 8 years. It is like a love hate relationship I have with it :)
  4. floridaRN38

    Nursing student hair color change for more respect

    I had tons of blonde highlights back in the day when I was in nursing school. I graduated at the top of my class!! Stay blonde!! 😜😜😜
  5. floridaRN38

    Trauma CEU

    Anyone know of a good website for trauma CEU's? And if there are any free sites for them. I have been googling and haven't found free ones yet. Thanks
  6. floridaRN38

    Questioning myself

    Just keep doing what ur doing. If you didn't feel nervous then I would think that is a little strange. Always ask questions. Even if they are dumb ones.
  7. floridaRN38

    We're not here for that

    That student is going to have a rude awakening when she gets pooped on one day !!
  8. floridaRN38

    To report or not to report

    It is so sad that there are nurses out there like this one. I would definitely report it. I am usually the type of person that does not try to ruffle feathers. But this is ridiculous!!! Write her up
  9. floridaRN38

    No teamwork in ED

    Have you thought about talking to the clinical manager and see if they can do a trail of "team nursing" in your station. And it also depends at my hospital who the charge nurse is. If I have a crappy charge then I do pretty much all my own ****. Good luck :)
  10. floridaRN38


    When doing a conscious sedation. What do u prefer. Itomidate. Or Versad??
  11. floridaRN38

    Feed me, Seymour! When patients want forbidden food...

    I just don't get why they think it is our fault that they haven't eaten all day. It's not my problem u didn't have breakfast or lunch before u decided to come her with abd pain. And they give me a dirty look when I say u can't have anything to eat until all your tests come back. Uggghhhh. Just get the F out of my ER. Morons of the world
  12. floridaRN38

    You think the "Nursing Glut" is bad now?

    Where I live in Florida. We have MAs in the ER. They r weeding them out. They don't want them anymore because of the cost. So they are bringing in paramedics because they only get PAID $$$12 AN HOUR
  13. floridaRN38

    How long did it take you to master inserting an IV?

    Go for the AC or forearm. Even though the floor nurses don't like when u use the AC
  14. floridaRN38

    How long did it take you to master inserting an IV?

    You just get Better with practice. If there is a really hard stick to do. Watch the nurse or medic that is able to get it in and their technique.
  15. floridaRN38

    Emergency Room Skills

    I agree. Nobody outside the ER understands our sense of humor. They think I'm weird and crazy!! Hahhaa

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