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I am "Facebook friends" with a large number of my nursing peers. I am often quite surprised at the behavior I see exhibited by them in so public a place. I see: 1. Lots and lots of foul... Read More

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    Quote from Bortaz, RN
    Theres a nursing and professionalism forum? Huh, who knew?
    Surprised me.

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    Quote from redhead_NURSE98!
    When they're paying me for the hours I sit at home, or the hours I go out to eat, drink, dance, etc., then they can tell me what to put on my Facebook. I try not to get too crazy with it, but if someone has a problem with my "check-ins" then it's a company I don't wish to work for. And if anyone has a problem with their coworkers' posts I'd suggest hiding them from your news feed, or unfriending them altogether. With "friends" like those people who needs enemies?
    Your posts (#48/#49) seem to contradict each my opinion. How can you say that what you post is your own business when you previously mentioned you ratted someone else out??
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    Quote from sweetlilguppy
    Your posts (#48/#49) seem to contradict each my opinion. How can you say that what you post is your own business when you previously mentioned you ratted someone else out??
    Because it wasn't ON his Facebook. That guy made it EVERYONE'S business when he commented on a local newspaper article as his name, "Registered Pharmacist at Yickety Yak Yak Medical Center in Pueblo, Colorado." And it was a little more than checking in at a bar or posting a picture holding a margarita. He was spewing multiple vile comments and making threats towards a particular segment of society. Frankly he sounded mentally unbalanced, and I wondered if they wished to have their name associated with that sort of behavior.
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    @Bortaz RN, I feel the same exact way and have similar experiences. One nurse in particular always flaunts how much fun they are having and posts pictures on fb, when they have called out of work for being "sick" that very same day. What a bad precedent this sets for nurses.

    Do people not realize that your online identity can follow and haunt you in the present & future?
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    @Hay RN, Nothing is private online (regardless of whether your fb is private). FB is known across the online community for NOT protecting ones' privacy & exploiting their members.
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    Before I was a nurse I had to occasionally hire for my department. I would get HUNDREDS of resumes through Careerbuilder. First step was to toss anything with poor grammar/spelling. Next step? Google the names and search MySpace. Trashy photos or foul language = resume in trash.

    To me, stuff like that just shows a lack of common sense, and I prefer common sense in my employees and co-workers.

    My employer is listed on my FB profile, and I am "friends" with many co-workers. I have a basic rule - if I wouldn't hang the picture on my locker at work then I do not post it, or let myself be tagged, on FB. Same with posts / memes, etc.
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    Quote from Bortaz, RN
    Another possibility: Am I an old fart?
    Haha, no way! I'm 24, and I cannot believe some of the things people post on Facebook. I don't even post swear words, and I've told people that if they are going to post something offensive, don't post it on my wall or in response to me because it reflects on me as a nursing student and a future professional. I've said that I will block them if they post it on my wall.

    Of course, I can't control what they post on their site... I can, however, click "Block", "Remove", or "Hide" if it gets to be too much.
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    Personally, I'm just tired of all of the baby pictures and instagram food pictures.

    For sure though, Facebook and other social networks need to be handled with care. Facebook is trying their best to make society an open book. Your information has already been mined and sold. People know where you live, know what you look like, and what your favorite restaurant is. Don't believe me? Check .

    I shake my head to younger kids who post stupid pictures of themselves flicking off the camera or drunk at a party. The HR dept have admitted to checking facebook profiles in their decision for hiring. Good luck to them when they need a job.

    I've taken a lot of good wisdom here and plan to go trim up my facebook page.
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    I think if you are gonna post these type of things you should not have your employer listed on your fb page , I personally have my page private, no job listed and no coworkers as friends, and I post whatever I want because it's my page , nurses are people to so im tired of these mixed standards for us, we party, get wasted have drama in our lives just like the next person
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    My personal philosophy with any social media website is less is more.

    You don't have to be a saint after you leave work. By all means go bar crawl, do keg stands, swear, laugh at immature/off color things (as long as none of these things affect your ability to do your job safely), but the things you actually put on facebook/twitter/myspace becomes public property and knowledge regardless of how private your settings are. If you want to post pictures from your night out, just leave out the ones that are incriminating. If you want to vent about your work, call someone or come here and do it anonymously. If you see a offensive joke or picture, send it to a few of your friends you know would appreciate it.

    I know people like to express themselves through these websites, but if you end up in trouble or putting your job in jeopardy, was it worth it? Nah. Just be smart.
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