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Has anyone been following this? Virginia just passed a law that requires any woman who wishes an abortion must have an ultrasound (and pay for it) prior to the abortion. Since most of these are done... Read More

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    A friend had an abortion at Planned Parenthood in 1992. An ultrasound was done. Using ultrasound prior to an abortion is nothing new.
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    Having the ultrasound is not the barrier to having an abortion, it is not a new practice and is required for medical safety. The law is about full informed consent, the pregnant woman will be offered the opportunity to view the image and listen to the heartbeat and her response will be documented on the informed consent. My understanding is the law will require a consent form to contain questions like "Do you wish to view the ultrasound image?" "Do you wish to listen to the heartbeat?" The woman will check yes or no and sign and date the consent form just like they would for any other consent.
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    I think the law in Texas mandates the woman has to see the ultrasound as well as hear the heartbeat.
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    I think the law in Texas is the woman can decline to view the images and listen to the heartbeat, but must listen to the description of the exam. Here is a news link regarding the Texas law
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    I think it's bullying, guilt provoking and terrorizing someone into decision they don't want but intimidating them in a frightening and vulnerable time. Making this decision isn't easy for a majority of women, but forcing them to "listen to the babies heartbeat" and have a probe shoved up their "private parts" is invasive and threatening. It is forcing one person's beliefs upon someone else. With all the shouting and posturing about "rising healthcare costs" to force any medical treatment on ANYONE is a violation of one's rights. ANYTIME Government begins to be able to dictate someones personal and private decisions is a slippery slope down a dangerous and scary path. I would rather have someone choose abortion than give birth and abuse their child.

    It angers me and scares me at the same time.
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    As a Women's Health NP, I can tell you it is done for dating of the fetus so the type of abortion procedure can be determined and for true informed consent. Many women of my generation were told when they were terminating a pregnancy that the fetus was "only a bunch of cells" only to later find out how much more developed the fetus was and regret the decision.
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    Quote from pinkfluffybunny
    I think the law in Texas mandates the woman has to see the ultrasound as well as hear the heartbeat.
    Before any of these laws, my friend did indeed see the ultrasound, as it was on top of the paperwork that the PP social worker had in front of her while informed consent for the procedure was being obtained.

    She couldn't miss it, and it haunts her to this day. She even ordered a copy of her medical records to punish herself.

    Just maybe this law will encourage the SWs to be more careful with placing the ultrasound in such a way so that the woman CAN'T see it if she chooses not to.
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    It is my understanding that a transvaginal ultrasound is done because it is the more accurate than a pelvic ultrasound, is this correct?
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    Another way to diminish women. Right up there with limited access to contraception. What could women possibly know about their own health-care needs?

    Laws made by men who govern women.

    When men can get pregnant then they can vote on women's health issues. Harkens back to the 'drive-thru' mastectomy issues in the early 90's.

    So sick of men deciding for women what is correct.
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    Please, "women of my generation....terminating a bunch of cells." I refuse to believe any one of average intelligence could claim thinking a bunch of cells somehow meant they weren't pregnant with a baby? Makes no sense! What did you think, it was a bunch of cells until magically during labor and delivery these magic cells transformed into a human shape? Denial ain't just a river in Egypt!

    I had an abortion many years ago, I think I may be of your generation, I was not a nurse at the time, I knew I was "killing a baby". I have no regrets. Please all of you stay out of my uterus!
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