It would be from a nurse not you.

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    I love this one. This is one of my favorite!

    Everyone has an idol, so who is your idol? Have you ever met this person and if so, let's hear how it happened.

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    my idol would indeed be a nurse. she died two years ago at the ripe old age of 94. her name was edna and she was a truly kind and compassionate person as well as a skilled nurse. she was a member of the army nurse corps in wwii, where she was a major and decided she wanted to become a crna and returned to school. just as she was finishing up, the korean conflict began and edna went back in. she became a colonel and met the love of her life. they married and were both excellent examples of what good people should be for the rest of their lives.

    joseph was a vascular surgeon in korea and was about ten years younger than edna. there was a running joke between the two their entire marriage. since she had been a colonel and he a major, he would insist that she made him begin and end their day by saluting her! they worked side-by-side in the war, then edna became a part of another surgical team.

    they both were active in groups such as doctors without borders, smile train, habitat for humanity etc. edna was presbyterian and joseph a devout catholic and were advised by both priest and clergy not to have children.

    i met edna when i was a candy striper and i remember how she impressed and amazed me. when i moved back to my hometown to care for my dying mom, i ran in to edna in the grocery store, and she suggested i start playing bridge and that began our friendship as two adults. edna lost much of her hearing during her korean war service but it never slowed her down!

    edna, you are three-quarters of the reason i became a nurse. thank you for being one of my inspirations!

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    I have to say I idolize 99% of my coworkers in the ICU and my preceptor from back in school on a gen. med floor. I'm very lucky. I'm endlessly impressed with the nurses I get to work with and learn from true story!
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    Did anyone see the part of the opening ceromony with the nurses and drs from the NHS?
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    Quote from brian

    Yes. THIS.^^
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    "You're a great daughter, but if I want to take one of my kids out for ice cream, I'll invite your sister."
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    awesome!!! the best one yet
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    As a child, my idol was Roy Rogers. Now that I'm olderand have had lots of experience with them, nurses definitely my idols. They are the unsung heroes and heroines of mankind.
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    What a wonderful post.

    Our society needs to shift gears and admire those who everyday go to work to make sure our lives have quality, from our soldiers, to our firefighters, EMTs, doctors, nurses, etc.... Why must we always fight for benefits and wages through tooth and nail and the same society does not blink an eye when a football player makes millions and such?
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    Why must we always fight for benefits and wages through tooth and nail and the same society does not blink an eye when a football player makes millions and such?
    Unfortunately, we don't bring in the money.
    We are considered an expense.
    Sad, but true.

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