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  1. Tragically Hip

    Should I do transition to practice in Psych??

    If it is your passion, though, from what I've read, psychaitric advanced practice nurses are in demand, and paid well.
  2. Tragically Hip

    Wage Deflation In Nursing

    As long as people's ideas of nursing reflects the reality of 2000, egged on by nursing school marketing, people will line up for their ADNs and BSNs. I'm surprised at how little research people do before committing themselves to 3 to 5 years of intensive studying, and running up a large personal debt. That is the same kind of fantastical thinking so many people have about nursing careers. A lot of those high-paying jobs have been offshored, and for technical reasons, not as many engineers are needed as use to be the case. There are a lot of disappointed STEM graduates. The same kind of games have for a long time been in play in engineering fields as you are citing in nursing, with lots of propaganda about shortages of engineers, which encouraged too many people to get engineering degrees and seek jobs in the "cool" areas. (How many people are needed to create code video games? How many new weapons systems are there going to be as the military budget shrinks?) Beyond that, congress drank the artificial shortage Kool Aid and cranked up the number of H1-B visa recipients to further depress wages. It's a scandal, how much below prevailing wages an H1-B visa holder from a poor country would work for. Engineers, though, are an independent lot, and unionization was among the furthest things from their minds. In fact, there are probably many, many more hospital administrators (some with degrees in medical fields, most with business degrees) making big bucks than there are high-tech folks making that kind of money. That, long after it has become obvious that an MBA degree is of limited utility, other than as a checkoff item on a resume. The problem is, if you're graduating high school and are pondering which career to choose, there are not a lot of good choices right now. While high-tech may be doing well in a few particular areas, and no one knows how things will be four years from now, you still need certain skills for high tech. What would you advise a high school senior to do? It's a difficult question.
  3. Good choice. Hopefully the stethoscope I chose will work out, but if not, I'll do what you did.
  4. Tragically Hip

    My acceptance letter..

    Congratulations, jasilady. You made it on on your own hard work and brains. I wish you great success.
  5. Tragically Hip

    Wage Deflation In Nursing

    ahh, but that's not outsourcing, like customer support line jobs. that's in-sourcing, which they didn't tell up about. they lay off 25 people virtually all at once, followed by hiring 25 younger people? that kind of pattern is hard to bury, even for a very clever company. companies may have lots of good lawyers, but they are not invincible. a friend of mine from school who became a litigator has demonstrated that, and he himself has a small office. nurses may often have it bad, but you should see what some companies do to their employees in order to make a little more profit. as i said elsewhere, i don't know how some organizations maintain their 501(c3) status. they may not have shareholders, but they're run just like for-profit corporations.
  6. Tragically Hip

    Drug Shortages

    The amount of money pharmaceutical companies pay out in lawsuits pales in comparison to their marketing budgets, which easily exceed their R&D budgets. And don't conflate lawsuits by the public with legal fines drug companies are forces to pay for misfeasance or malfeasance. Do you have any idea how much all those television and print ads for all those purple pills (that do no more than the coral-colored pills that just went generic) costs? Or the cost of the perqs drug companies have traditionally handed out to doctors in order to encourage them to prescribe the company's latest new, expensive, under-patent drug? The big money in litigation is not from people who complain about a runny nose side effect. It's from pharmaceutical companies that do things, often known by managers in the company, that either harm a lot of people, or put the public at serious risk. KPMG International's newsletter Issues Monitor (June 2011) (PDF file) contains an article entitled "Rising cost of litigation in pharmaceuticals industry" that goes into good detail about the nature of litigation against drug companies. It's sad that the propagandistic idea that all lawsuits are frivolous or are brought by only by people who want to steal money from those with deep pockets has become so common. In reality, it's often the only recourse that we have to keep a company from riding roughshod over everyone. Remember, a company's only fiduciary responsibility is to their shareholders and their equity.
  7. Tragically Hip

    HIPPA is a joke.

    When you use a lot of expensive medical services, chances are that you're not going to be able to hide the fact from your boss. In a small company, one employee with cancer or other expensive illness can cause the rates an insurance company charges an employer by a large amount. There is really no way to keep it secret. That is one reason having employers provide one's health insurance is an absurdity, a relic of wage controls from the WW II era.
  8. Tragically Hip

    ADN's being pushed out

    In a local magnet hospital, ADN RNs are being "encouraged" (i.e., effectively forced) to get their BSN. I had a classmate from that hospital in my microbiology lab, and she hadn't taken a college class for a while. I'm pretty sure the hospital is paying for her classes. This hospital has a very good reputation in the community, and they probably don't want to tarnish it by willy-nilly firing nurses. It's too bad that the management of many facilities just doesn't care.
  9. Tragically Hip

    Wage Deflation In Nursing

    They told us that nursing jobs could not be outsourced, and that nothing could stand in the way of the steady increase in those jobs, and that for reasons of limited faculty availability and the shortage of potential students who could make the grade and get in, a nursing career would be a one-way ticket to middle-class Easy Street. Hmm.... Isn't that a very obvious case of age discrimination? Wouldn't something that blatant be easily litigated? The sad fact is that maximizing the number of lives saved or providing the best outcomes for patients is not the priority. Certainly it's not in the case of for-profit hospitals — the owning corporation's fiduciary responsibility to its shareholders outweighs all other considerations. Perversely, that seems to be nearly as true (sometimes equally true) for non-profits, many of which are run like for-profit corporations. It's a mystery how they maintain their 501© status, but their CEOs are making too much money to care.
  10. You can get the same stethoscope cheaper on-line, including the cost of shipping (and normally, no sales tax). I got and ADC Adscope 601 with interchangeable parts for quite a bit less than the bookstore's price Classic II SE price. It seems very nice, though it's quite heavy. I don't think there's anything the bookstore carries (other than proprietary items like embroidered clothing and name tags) that you can't get cheaper or far cheaper elsewhere. They have a very large markup on most things they carry.
  11. Tragically Hip

    Feeling overwhelmed with gratitude

    Congratulations, LCinT. There are indeed a lot of good people, or a lot of good things done by people.
  12. Tragically Hip

    Drug Shortages

    Propofol — there was a circus of recalls within the past few years for contamination with minute stainless steel particles, exotoxic bacteria, hepatitis C. Instead of making single-use vials, Teva used cheaper (maybe they had a lot of them) larger vials, which were then used on multiple patients, leading to hep C infections when the large vials were reused (for endoscopy, at least). Baxter was sued as well.
  13. Tragically Hip

    Positive Thinking Is Useless By Itself

    So that's why people in comas get no service. The new age law of attraction thing is about having the right energy and that sort of thing, rather than petitioning the gods for favors. As far as Matthew 7:7 is concerned, you're assuming logical ands between the statements. "Ask and it will be given to you" would seem to stand alone, as do the two clauses that follow. You want a new BMW, Christian-style? Just ask for it. You want a new BMW "The Secret"-style? Think positive thoughts.
  14. Tragically Hip

    Positive Thinking Is Useless By Itself

    Thoughts are made of gravitons, so they attract one another. They form great thought clouds. I think I saw it on Futurama. Remember the giant flying brains?
  15. Tragically Hip

    What are some tips for Microbiology?

    it's generally a prerequisite, and you will get a lot more out of the class if you take it first. my microbiology professor happened to be a chemistry freak, which for me was pretty cool. i did a little project on the metabolism and energy yield of a particular lipid, which was a great learning experience.
  16. On this this MDC Web page it says that A&P 1&2 + labs have to be "Completed within 10 years of program entry date," but some courses (like microbiology) that should be there are missing, so the information is probably out of date. You need to call advisement for definitive information — their Web pages are sometimes out of date.