What does Florence Nightingale mean to you?

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    If someone came up to you and asked you about Florence Nightingale what would you say?

    Try to describe her in as few words as possible.

    Start your post with:

    Florence Nightingale...
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    FN brought nursing from being associated with the "oldest profession" to being associated with true professionals. Thanks to her record keeping, use of evidence and political precendents, men and women are proud to be called nurses.
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    Florence Nightingale was among the first to practice and promote professional nursing.

    She is not any more or less relevant to the current nursing profession than Hippocrates is to medicine, or Melvil Dewey is to library/information technology.
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    Florence Nightengale was incredibly far ahead of her time, rebelled against "proper society" and restrictions on upper class women and education. She stood up against "established medicine", pushed for decent treatment of patients, kept statistics, proved her findings scientifically, and never once managed to be "the doctor's handmaiden".
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    She is the pioneer of nursing. She is totally cool, brilliant, and I admire her!
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    Florence Nightingale was a feminist, a pioneer of statistics, a class-buster. She was unafraid to work in the trenches despite the work being beneath her family's station. She was fearless and brilliant.
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    The first infection control nurse ever
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    Florence Nightingale - nursing's first 'libber'!
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    "Lo! in that house of misery
    A lady with a lamp I see
    Pass through the glimmering gloom,
    And flit from room to room."

    To me she is a light in the darkness, a silent guardian and protector, a tireless and strong willed fighter (and advocate) who will never give up on her pt's, but will remain by their bedside to nurse them through illness and deliver them to the other side, whether that be back on their feet or to the pearly gates.
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    Non- Conformist

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