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  1. PetsToPeople

    How to resolve a conflict?

    I agree with the other two posters and never just answer an interview question with one sentence! Tell them you would first speak with the person involved in the confrontation, how you would speak to that person, what you would say and your next step if it ends badly, which would be to discuss it with the manager. Then add a personal experience, such as "When I worked at so and so hospital, I had a confrontation with so and so over blah blah..." and then explain how it was resolved. Interviewers love when you give personal experience because it's hard to make those up, so they feel like they are getting to see the "real" you. And it definately makes you stand out from other interviewees!
  2. PetsToPeople

    New grads who are being bullied by experienced nurses

    (I understand this is a little off the original topic, but everytime I see a post about bullying I wonder about this) I'm curious and I am wondering if their are any NP's on here who could answer this question...do NP's have issues with bullies as well, or would it be considering more of an issue that floor nurses have to deal with? I am sure the NP's have the physicians ego to balance, but what about dealing with other nurses, such as RN's , etc.?
  3. PetsToPeople

    Tons of student loans, pursue DNP still?

    There are tuition reimbursement options for NP's working in areas that have need! So you could have your cake and eat it too! When you have kids their is never a "best" time to persue an education, but it is definately something that is worth sacrificing a little kid time and a little sleep time in order to obtain your dreams. In the end it will be better for your whole family. Also, I have read posts from NP's who had no problems finding jobs after they graduating despite having almost no RN experience, so don't let that affect your decision. I am considering an RN to MSN (or DNP?) program after I graduate, and I definately live in an area in need, so I am not going to worry much about my student loans. My family and I live very simply, so once I graduate, we will have no problems living the lifestyle we like and paying off our loans. It's exciting to see other people striving towards their NP dreams, I wish you luck!
  4. PetsToPeople

    Do new graduates really get a job that easily in nursing?

    Just about all of our sophmore class had job offers before they even took the nclex, and we are an ADN program. We are a small town and have several nursing programs in our area so this is good news, and contradictory to what I have been hearing so much of here on AN, so I have high hopes for my future job offerings...I have even been approached by HR while waiting in the halls during clinicals lol.
  5. PetsToPeople

    Things I noticed as a patient...

    And a doctor (or atleast most) wouldn't take heed of your opinion not because it was invalid, but because they have superiority issues.
  6. PetsToPeople

    Things I noticed as a patient...

    I was referring mainly to the issue of washing hands....I didn't realize I had to be a graduated RN with five years of experience to understand basic hygiene issues and how they relate to transfer of microorganisms! My bad, I must have lost my mind for a moment, I thought I had learned a little about this stuff in micro class and nursing fundamentals, but I am sure experianced nurses must know so much more about hand washing and fomite issues that little ol' me!
  7. PetsToPeople

    Things I noticed as a patient...

    And my next favorite pet peeve...when someone can't adequately dispute my reasoning (or that of any other student) then they pull the "your not a real nurse yet card, so you can't possibly have an opinion". I have seen and heard the use of the "real world vs school" ideology from the first hour of my first clinical, and have seen it used each and every clinical since. But to add to that, I also have over a decade of experiance as a Vet Tech, and we have the exact same issue going on over there, except we do not have quality control teams, or infection management, etc. Things are much less regulated and as a professional if you do not manage your own high standards, they slip fast and there is no one to care about your level of standards but yourself. Once you make that first excuse of "I'll just cut this corner this one time because I'm busy" then it just goes down hill from there, because you are always busy!
  8. PetsToPeople

    Things I noticed as a patient...

    There is so much wrong with this I couldn't pass on it...!
  9. PetsToPeople

    RN Who Wants To Become A Paramedic???

    You will love it, there is so much more autonomy than with floor nursing. It's more exciting than the ER and the comradery is way better among your co-workers.
  10. PetsToPeople

    Blue or white collar?

    grey-collar refers to the balance of employed people not classified as white- or blue collar. although grey-collar is sometimes used to describe those who work beyond the age of retirement,[1][2] it is also used to refer to occupations that incorporate some of the elements of both blue- and white-collar, or are completely different from both categories. examples of grey collar industries: farming, fishing, forestry, and other forms of agribusiness health care, aged care, child care, and the personal service sector protective services and security food preparation and the catering industry high-tech technicians[3] skilled trades, technicians, etc. typists, stenographers grey-collar workers often have associate degrees from a community college in a particular field. they are unlike blue-collar workers in that blue-collar workers can often be trained on the job within several weeks whereas grey-collar workers already have a specific skill set.
  11. PetsToPeople


    The pt should have taken the responsibility to ask what the appt was for, if it was going to be such an issue. If someone calls me up and says when need to set you up for an appt, I don't care if I live a mile down the road, I want to know what it's for and whether or not I am going to rearrange my schedule to accomodate it.
  12. Hero's, the lot of ya, I tip my hat :bowingpur
  13. PetsToPeople

    Once again.....I'm a "nurse".....

    All hospitals should have this policy. I have seen most doctors not even introduce themselves at all, and it is a simple line. It will clear up a lot of confusion on the part of the pt's, who may see multiple doctors in a day and have no clue who they are talking to.
  14. PetsToPeople

    I wont let you get to me!

    Wow, some of the things I read on here...I just don't know how I am going to handle these situations if they happen to me. I have gotten old and cranky and I just will not...cannot for very long even when I try....put up with anyones attitude. I would have just stood there with the keys and it would have been a stare down and god help her had she tried to take them from me. I think I am going to have to start yoga or meditation or something or else I won't last long!
  15. PetsToPeople

    suture left in?

    It could be a souce of infection and will cause the hole to remain partially open. The top may scab over but the hole itself will not heal until the remaining suture is removed. Are they dissolvable sutures do you know?
  16. PetsToPeople

    Once again.....I'm a "nurse".....