A Tale of Innovative Nursing: Making It All a Little Less Scary - page 2

by CheesePotato

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So it is no secret that surgery is scary to many people. But children, in particular, have a difficult time of it for, well, obvious reasons. Now, let's make three things abundantly clear: 1. I specialize in Trauma. Not... Read More

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    Another awesome story by one of the best writers on AN. I'm smiling all over!
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    You all are too sweet. ::flails incoherently::

    And yes, Myra is an amazing nurse and person.

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    Quote from CheesePotato
    You all are too sweet. ::flails incoherently::

    And yes, Myra is an amazing nurse and person.

    Really? Myra is amazing? I thought you were brilliant...and you said you don't like children/peds. Liar......

    Thanks for the smiles this morning. Well done!
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    I love this story. This is what nursing is about.
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    Aww makes me smile and more excited to be a nurse
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    LOL.. this made me laugh so hard! Thanks for making me laugh during my hellish finals week.

    I feel a little bit less guilty of hanging around allnurses forum since I am studying for my Nursing final afterall.. haha.
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    Wow you described the same awkwardness that I feel so much right now in my pediatric rotation!
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    Great story!
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    You are so good! Love reading your stuff.

    I love little kids - I hate teenagers . So, it just depends on where our strengths are. So glad to have someone like your good friend Myra to help you realize your inner Godzilla.

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    Cheesepotato, you always captivate me and carry me into the story!!! Amazing!!!
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