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  1. nurselindah

    How do you know that hospice is right for you?

    If your heart is in Hospice-do it. There are not many nurses that can take on Hospice nursing. I did Hospice for four years as an LVN, and one year as an RN. I am currently an ER nurse-I see Hospice patients come in every night because the family panics and calls 911 during the transition. You know what happens then... I hate to see the pain and anguish patients go through when death is inevitable. I am glad I have the experience in Hospice to help families understand what is happening. My goal is to return to Hospice once I feel my clinical skills are up to par. One thing about being a Hospice nurse in the field is you are it in a crisis-get your assessment and IV skills down! Then go for it! There is no greater privilege then to make sure your patients don't die alone (unless that is what they want), or in pain. Death is not painless for most, and if you have the composition needed to provide dignity for these patients-then you are a Hospice nurse! Good luck!
  2. nurselindah

    A Tale of Innovative Nursing: Making It All a Little Less Scary

    That is a great tale, Godzilla!
  3. nurselindah

    Should Healthcare Be Funded As A Basic Human Right?

    Thank you for that article. I am stunned at some of the responses here. We work in the healthcare field. Do you even know how many people out there have 3 part time jobs to support their families, none of which offer healthcare. If they can barely make ends meet-how are they going to afford preventative medicine? How about those of us who have no insurance while in nursing school (half my class)? Too many people in this country file bankruptcy because of medical bills they cannot pay, although they would like to. Civilized countries (and some not so civilized) offer health care to their people. What is going on? Healthcare is not a handout. It's what we do to take care of each other.
  4. nurselindah

    Calling all LA County Sheriff's Dept. Nurses

    No-I did not pass the background check. I don't know of anyone else who applied and got past the interview stage. Good luck to you!
  5. nurselindah

    La county sheriff dept /my license on probation

    I didn't pass the background check either. Crazy. I did stupid stuff when I was younger but have never been arrested or even received a speeding ticket. They asked for honesty and that's what I gave but would probably have a job if I lied.
  6. nurselindah

    Medical words that make you cringe.

    Glial...anything with glial in it-glial cell, glioblastoma. Makes me feel like I am gagging when I say it. Yeesh.
  7. nurselindah

    Common Correctional Nursing Interview Questions

    Good luck-you will be fine. Know the nursing process.
  8. nurselindah

    Calling all LA County Sheriff's Dept. Nurses

    The background check is brutal-asking questions like have you ever drank alcohol then drove a car, ever tried drugs, list all tickets you have ever received, have you ever been fired, have you ever killed anyone (seriously) etc. Then they send letters to all your previous employers, landlords, friends, co-workers to verify. You may even have to take a polygraph test. Sheesh-it's nuts. THAT is why it takes so long. Hope to work with you too! Keep us posted with updates. (They will call you for the position and the background check).
  9. nurselindah

    Calling all LA County Sheriff's Dept. Nurses

    I remembered my interview was on November 4 at 8:00. I felt like I failed the interview so I was surprised when I scored in Band I. A friend of mine had her interview at 1:00 that day and scored in band II. She didn't get called. The first six months you have to take any position, anywhere, any shift. Then, if there is an opening, you can request a transfer. That's about all I know. The background check goes back to the age of 15 and you have to account for EVERYTHING. I may not pass it!
  10. nurselindah

    Calling all LA County Sheriff's Dept. Nurses

    Yes Tom, I went through the same process. i applied in late September, was scheduled for the test and took it in November. Received my letter that I passed and was scheduled for an interview a few weeks later. I interviewed and received another letter with my total score and band on it. I received a call a week or so later that there was a position open, was offered the position, so I accepted. A few more weeks passed until I received the background check application packet. Had then schedule another appointment for the background check interview, which I have already done. They told me it will take 3-6 months for the background to clear, and if I pass AND there is still a position open-I will have the job. I was told they pretty much call in band position, which you should already know if you got your letter.
  11. nurselindah

    Calling all LA County Sheriff's Dept. Nurses

    Well, I got a phone call saying there was a position, which I accepted, then I was scheduled for the background check. I was told there were two openings at the time. I am not sure how many positions there are. If I don't pass the background check, there will be one for sure! I started this whole process in September. Very lengthy process.
  12. nurselindah

    La county sheriff dept /my license on probation

    I applied at the end of September. I received the letter in about a week to schedule the interview. I am not sure how many vacancies they have now. When they called me there were only two vacancies. I am still going through the background check. It's brutal-they ask you everything from age 15 on...
  13. nurselindah

    La county sheriff dept /my license on probation

    Hello-I have also been told the approximate length of time is 7-8 months. I was called within the week of receiving my band letter for a vacancy. I accepted and am now waiting for my background check appointment. The background check is the longest part of the process, taking 3-6 months.
  14. nurselindah

    Calling all LA County Sheriff's Dept. Nurses

    Well, it is a long process. I applied in Oct. and still have 3-6 months after the background check to be cleared for a position. If it's still vacant then I am in. The interview questions are different each time-they have a list of questions they read from. Nursing scenarios, prioritization questions. You will be interviewed by a panel (like all county jobs). You have to sign a document stating you can not disclose the questions asked so I can't give specifics but if you search correctional nursing you may find some answers! I have worked in long-term care and hospice as an LVN and have only one month as a Hospice RN. I could not get into a new grad program to save my life!
  15. nurselindah

    Sheriff's County RN Interview

    Questions are the same, in general. Nursing process, priority questions. Very short interview process.