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    jl11, as far as I know there are not really any student discounts for BART or the trans-bay bus. Sometimes it's possible to buy large-value BART tickets for a slight discount, and I think they do have them for sale in the Student Center, but it's not much of a discount. Though of course, every penny helps. Another way to save money is to team up with another classmate to buy the book bundle; that way you can both use the online access codes, and one of you can buy the older versions of the textbooks online for much cheaper.
  2. ro'smom


    Hi all, I'm in my second semester at SFSU. Lots of my classmates commute in from all over the East Bay, some from much further away than Berkeley. If you can take public transit (BART), it's a bit less stressful than driving. Some people carpool together. However, bridge tolls and BART fares can really add up, so unless it's a lot cheaper for you to live in Berkeley, you might want to consider living in SF (I do.) I take public trans, drive, or ride my bike, depending on the day. It's really important to have reliable transportation for clinicals, too--even living here in SF, some of the sites are way across town from me, and shifts either start REALLY EARLY or end REALLY LATE. :) Anywho, congratulations everyone! It was a year ago that I got my acceptance letter, and I screamed, I was so happy.