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  1. Scrub caps

    We now have to wear the bouffant cap over our linen hats. To me it is no big deal, as you can see through the bouffant hat to see my personal individuality.
  2. How do you respond to rude patients?

    I find that some pt's do think it says "Hilton". I agree with poster schookimz, letting the pt know that the doctor is saving a life, is NOT an intimidating tact. Just reminding the pt know that they are not fighting for their life (at the moment) e...
  3. When I was working out in Ca. 10 years ago, if your belief was not to be in abortions or TAB you just asked to switch. It was not a big deal but that was 10 years ago.
  4. Am I Too Old?

    I will graduate with my ASN at 49 and my BSN at 50-51. It has always been my goal but I raised my children first. I don't care what age I end up being, it is my dream goal. Who cares what age you are if it something YOU want to do.
  5. I am a nurse and my job is taking care of others, no matter what. I have staying in hospitals during storms and went in during storms because I was scheduled. I chose this career and all that comes with it.
  6. Nurses and exposure risk

    I have been working in the operating room long before eye PPE gear was required, for 22 years as a scrub tech. I have had blood splashed into my eyes, been stabbed in emergencies by long #11 blades, and been stuck with numerous needles. I have always...
  7. My dying student taught me how to say goodbye...

    Thank you!!
  8. It finally happened to me..

    Like other have said in previous posts, never underestimate the power of touch!!!!! It is very important!!! Dianna
  9. UPDATE!!

  10. Any final year students finishing this year?

    Congrats!!! I am in my last semester and graduate in May!!! I started taking my pre-req's 1 class at a time back in 2000. I became a Surgical Technician back in 1987 so it had been a while since I had been in school so I had to take everything from b...
  11. Am I doing the right thing? New nurse getting butt kicked

    I haven't finished school yet, I graduate in May 2013. I have friends who graduated last year and are just coming off orientation and are having the same problem with gastric upset and dread. I have had some seasoned nurses tell me that they don't ex...
  12. I think I'm done with nursing.

    I spent 20+ years as a Surgical Tech and finally got up the nerve to go back to Nursing School. While in Nursing school had a motorcycle accident that resulted in a bad fx to my ankle. I recovered and went back to school as soon as I could. My hope i...
  13. What Becoming A Patient Taught Me About Being A Nurse

    Thank you for sharing. This is why I try to listen to my patients. What may not seem important to me, may be the world to them. Just to heard, listened to and understood does seem to help the patients cope better.
  14. Any older students??

    I started in my 30's taking one class at a time because I was full-time mom and worked full-time. I graduate this year at 47 with my ASN and will be working on my BSN right away. I was a Surgical Tech. for 20+ years and and finally got here to where ...
  15. I cannot believe a nurse did this......

    Sounds like the nurse was just trying to be nice to your kids and this is what happens, you want to report her to the BON?!? I say relax!!!