Me time. Do not enter!

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    A nursing career can be stressful. If you don't plan accordingly it can lead to burnout. Do you have a 'relaxation time'? A time scheduled just for you where you can take a nap, enjoy a glass of vintage wine, or just take a nice warm bubbly bath. Share details about your 'me time' below.

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    Been there done that....
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    Hmm, that's sounding mighty good right now! TGIF!
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    That sounds so wonderful!
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    Oh, what a relief it is.......
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    Quote from Esme12
    Been there done that....
    Amen sister!
    I am still,trying to figure out if I can out wine in my water bottle and get away with it!
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    We all need this.
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    Oh, yes, been there. Still look forward to those moments, and I could probably use one right about now, come to think of it. We really don't take care of ourselves enough.
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    that should feel so nice!
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    Bwahahaha! Right now I'm still a student (well, graduated but preparing for NCLEX) so nursing hour is studying. I can't wait for nursing hour to include a hot bath!

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